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Harvey Terran
Area Amakna
Harvey Terran
Location Amakna Castle
Coords (3,-5)
Options Talk, Buy

Harvey Terran is an NPC.



I get respect because I'm the Ancient, the Truth Incarnate, the Veteran! My age gives me the right to ask for more than I give, to order rather than suggest. What do others think? Who cares, my vision of the World of Twelve is universal. To show off this krosmic status, I need an interstellar walk. My rank of veteran also gives me limitless generosity: I'll give you friendly rates on the chance to get the looks to go with your status.


Item Price (Nuggets)
Whistle 10
Kamarena 10
Emote Scroll: Joy 10
Dance 10
Meow Cloak 10
Sourachnee 10
Droid Shield 10
Boney-O Staff 10
Flashy Shield 10
Traffic Cloak 10
Emperor Cape 10
Droid Cloak 10
Groom Daggers 10
Crossbone Shovel 10
Meow Daggers 10
XIV Staff 10
Crossbone Headgear 10
Flashy Cloak 10
Groom Hat 10
Traffic Blammer 10
Droid Bow 10
Raja Cloak 10
Featherhead 10
Radiant Cloak 10
Crossbone Shield 10
Raja Shield 10
Mechanahat 10
Mandrog 10
Goba Vett 10
Black Madreggon 10
Flashy Sword 10
Featherguard 10
Traffic Cone 10
Boney-O Headgear 10
Radiant Headgear 10
Mosk 10
Mechanashield 10
Groom Shield 10
XIV Headgear 10
Emperor Headgear 10
Radiant Shield 10
Featherback 10
Boney-O Shield 10
Raja Headgear 10
Meow Hat 10
Mechanacloak 10
Groom Cloak 10
Emperor Shield 10
Flashy Headgear 10
XIV Cloak 10
Raja Wand 10
Droid Headgear 10
Featheraxe 10
Traffic Shield 10
Boney-O Cloak 10
Meow Shield 10
Mechanaxe 10
XIV Shield 10
Emperor Sword 10
Crossbone Cloak 10
Suri-Me 10

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