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See also: Characteristic, Heals equipment, Healing weapons

See Damage#Offensive for mechanics.

Healing is an effect that restores HP. It is affected by intelligence and +heals bonuses.

Healing with spellsEdit

All classes

The glyph from Cawwot (spell) counts as being placed by the caster, so it is based on the caster's statistics and not the summon's.

Healing with SummonsEdit

The effectiveness of a summon's healing spells are increased by 1% for each of the character's levels. Summons' heals are not affected by the intelligence of the summoner.

Note: The Barrel summoned by Drunkenness only heals while being carried.


Healing with WeaponsEdit

Some weapons can heal. The healing portion of weapons is increased on Critical Hits (as of version 2.11) and is affected by the Weapon Skill.

See Healing weapons for a list.

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