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Herr Palp Itane
Area The Wabbit Islands
Herr Palp Itane
Location Gravestone Island
Coords (21,-12)
Options Talk

Herr Palp Itane is an NPC.



I sense angew smouldewing in you. You'we fwustwated with youw weaknesses and with that people would admiwe and feaw you? Embwace the dawk side and evewything will become easiew. People will wowship at youw feet, youw enemies will twemble when they heaw youw name, you'll hawness a powew beyond compwehenion.

Find out more (Bonta alignment)

You have chosen the path of losews, but thewe is still time to change youw mind. They fool you with illusions that you can go contwol youwself bettew, the light blinds you and you don't know whewe you go. Wenouce now and embwace the dawkness and youe powew will be limitless. You'll no longer have to take owders from anyone, you'll be youw own mastew.

Point out that you know all this already. (Brakmar alignment)

Oh, I see you have alweady embwaced the dawk side. A vewy good choice. While Bonta buwns, you'll wealise that youw dweams awe within weach and no one will be able to stop you fwom wealising them.

Think about it (no alignment)

If you haven't chosen youw path yet, it's because you know that light cannot satisfy youw desiwes. Dawkness tempts you but you're scawed of the unknown, that's nowmal. If you let youw dawk side take contwol, evewything will become easiew, twust me.


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Herr Palp Itane is a reference to Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars. "Herr" is also the correct way to adress a man in the German language.

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