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Unlike normal classes that are chosen during character creation, Incarnations come in the form of magical weapons. Once equipped, it transforms a character into another, physically changing its appearance and replacing its entire spell set. Removing the weapon returns the character to its original form.

While in the form of an Incarnation, the character cannot earn Experience points; all points are instead diverted towards leveling the Incarnation. As a result, neither characteristic points nor spell points are obtained with each level. Instead, all Incarnation class spells are learned at the beginning. For every 10 Incarnation levels, the level of all its spells are increased by one (to a maximum of 6 at Incarnation level 50).

Magik Riktus BanditsEdit

The Magik Riktus Bandits consist of four classes, differing in terms of strategic role in battle. Each comes with 20 spells and can be used with any elemental build. Each class was previously obtained as a free subscription gift.

For details, click here.

Swashbuckling Bandit 1 month Trickster class. Fights and weakens enemies in close combat.
Bandit Archer 3 months Ranger class. Prevents movement while firing from afar.
Wandering Bandit 6 months Guardian class. Shields allies before colliding with enemies head-on.
Bandit Sorcerer 1 year Versatile spellcaster class. Heals allies while blasting or disabling enemies.

Class ComparisonEdit

General OverviewEdit

These classes share the following traits:

  • The supporter category fits them best. They can fight alone, but are much stronger within a team. Although they do not have diverse supportive and evasive spells, all of them level up together. It is this that allows them to become very valuable allies for team battles.
  • They are generally less powerful & more defensive than their respective counterparts from the normal fourteen classes.
  • In exchange, they have greater versatility.
  • Each class has three sets of offensive spells. Each spell in a set is a different elemental version of the rest. This means that twelve spells of each class can be reduced to three different attack spells. The advantage of this, as mentioned before, is the option of using any element for the class. This leaves eight supportive spells.
  • Each class can buff weapon damage.
  • Each class has a supportive summonable creature.

They differ in the following ways:

  • Swashbuckling Bandits mainly serve to weaken enemies in close combat. Although they suffer from having the absolute worst range in the entire game, they can jump, buff their MP, and most importantly, greatly reduce an opponent's MP for multiple turns. Although they appear similar to Iops, they do not share the same tactics; they should be played tactically like a Pandawa. They also have the unique ability to inflict damage-over-time to a single target, which is useful for penetrating armor spells that some enemies use.
  • Bandit Archers focus on sniping enemies from a distance, while reducing their range and MP. What separates them from Cras is their direct access to disabling spells. While Cra spells depend upon Critical Hits, Bandit Archers can inflict effects as supportive spells. They can also detect invisibility.
  • Wandering Bandits are tanks that combine the resilience of Fecas with the melee power and endurance of Sacriers. While they are more powerful than Fecas (until Burning Glyph comes along), they also inherit the horrible range of Sacriers. On the upside, their spells provide huge buffs and can get them quickly into range.
  • Bandit Sorcerers are spellcasters with various capabilities. They can be thought of as a hybrid between Eniripsas and Xelors, since their spells contain a mixture of healing, dispelling, AP reduction, and AP boosting. In addition, their attacks deal Area of Effect damage. Amazingly, their strong healing power is only second to that of Eniripsas. Not only that, ranged life stealing is part of their main arsenal.

Specific FactorsEdit

ClassSolo CombatTeam SupportRangeDamageEvasion
Swashbuckling Bandit
Swashbuckling Bandit
All supportive spells level up. Buffs damage, critical hits & MP. Minor healing. Summoned creature provides minor healing through an attack.
All supportive spells level up. Can jump. Reduces damage & MP. Summoned creature distracts enemies.
Bandit Archer
Bandit Archer
All supportive spells level up. Invisibility detection. Buffs range. Slightly reduces damage taken.
All supportive spells level up. Has knockback. Reduces range & MP. Summoned creature distracts enemies.
Wandering Bandit
Wandering Bandit
All supportive spells level up. Buffs HP. Reduces damage taken.
All supportive spells level up. Has knockback. Reduces Agility. Inflicts critical failures. Summoned creature distracts enemies.
Bandit Sorcerer
Bandit Sorcerer
All supportive spells level up. Powerful healing. Buffs AP. Reflects spells. Summoned creature buffs various elemental characteristics.
All supportive spells level up. Can dispel. Reduces damage & AP. Summoned creature distracts enemies.

Tormentator KnightsEdit

The Tormentator Knights is a group of five extremely rare classes that are only attainable through real world conventions and events. Despite their name, their appearances are more similar to ninjas than knights. Each class comes with 5 spells and is associated with a single element.

For details, click here.

Class Element
White Knight Air
Darkness Knight All
Blue Knight Water
Red Knight Fire
Green Knight Earth

These classes have the following traits in common:

  • All five classes are attackers that deal moderate Area-of-Effect damage at long range, while inflicting disabling effects. They are quite similar and can be thought of as different variants of the same class.
  • Each class has a "Devastation" spell, which is a long-ranged Area-of-Effect attack.
  • Each class has a "Shot" spell, which deals moderate damage to a single target at long range. With the exception of the Red Knight's version, which simply deals higher damage, this spell has an additional effect for each class, varying from dispelling to inflicting knockback.
  • Each class has Saverne's Blow, which is a disabling spell that inflicts knockback and reduces MP within an Area-of-Effect.
  • Each class has two supportive spells, again with the exception of Red Knight, which has additional attack spells instead.

They differ mostly in terms of their two supportive spells, which are as follows:

  • The White Knight can buff MP and detect invisibility.
  • The Darkness Knight can steal HP and reduce damage.
  • The Blue Knight can heal and summon a creature that provides healing.
  • The Red Knight does not have supportive spells. Instead, they have an attack with a wide Area-of-Effect and an attack that does damage-over-time (which goes through armor spells).
  • The Green Knight can transform a character into a fast-moving Toad that has no AP, which is useful both for allies and against enemies. They can also reduce damage.

TCG Card GameEdit

Koksiks the Chafer Foot SoldierEdit

Spell Effect
Marrow Sucking Steals HP by inflicting Earth-type damage.
Malevolent Stare Repels a target.
Flinty Blade Inflicts weak Earth-type damage over several turns.
Rotten Teeth Inflicts Earth-type damage over several turns.
Bone Call Summons a Boney Chafer.

Grute the BworkEdit

Lektor the KanniballboEdit

Goboff the GoblinEdit

Stroy Zemol the PandikazeEdit

Spell Effect
Revulsion This spell reduces the target's range
Utopia This spell increases the AP of allies and enemies in its AoE
Carebear Hug This spell gives back a few HP points to the target
Butt Plug This spell causes Fire-type damage and reduces the damage caused by the target
Faye Pworme Boot This spell inflicts Fire-type damage over several turns

Fyred Ampe the Dark MinerEdit

Hulkrap the BanditEdit

Spell Effect
Cauterization Restores some health to target
Amputation Non-linear fire damage and AP drain
Shrapnel Places a trap while doing direct fire damage to adjacent tiles, linear casting
Reckless Rage Gives AP and +damage buff along with weakness to all elements
Arsonist Summons Will-'o-the-wisp, a fire spark that gives the opponents fire weakness
Bonus Per level Total
 ?  ?  ?

Kloug the Dark BakerEdit

Klume the Dark SmithEdit

Spell Effect
Skullcrusher Causes Earth damage and reduces the target's range.
Fortress Considerable reduces damage received and allows damage to be taken in the place of nearby allies, but stops reaction and movement the following turn.
Heavy Armour Reduces damage received but also damage inflicted.
Come to me Attracts all enemies in caster's line of sight, and steals their agility if they come into contact with the caster.
Attila Summons Attila, a mechanical weedkiller that inflicts area-of-effect Neutral Damage

Plunder the Grossewer RatEdit

Phong Huss the Fungi MasterEdit

Ektope the Arepo GhostEdit

Spell Effect
Lasm State "Rooted", some damage reduction
Spectral Motivation Castable on summons only; +5 AP and +3 MP (1 turn)
or +6 AP and +4 MP on a critical hit.
Summon Spectral Boar Summons a Spectral Boar
Summon Spectral Tofu Summons a Spectral Tofu
Crow Corpse Non-line-of-sight Air damage
Bonus Per level Total
Agility  ? 20
Vitality  ? 70
Critical hits  ? 6
Initiative  ? 50
Damage  ? 3
Summons  ? 3

Ougicle the OuginakEdit

Piggy Paupe the Lousy Pig ShepherdEdit

Spell Effect
Instinct Transform into a Lousy Pig Knight to increase damage and MP to the detriment of range.
Preliminaries Attracts by 1 cell and reduces the target's MP.
Smash 'em all Causes damage.
Blah Blah Blah Poisons the target to cause damage to it.
Summoning of Nasty Little Lousy Pig Summons a Nasty Little Louse Pig that will increase its allies damage.
Bonus Per level Total
 ?  ?  ?

Grouillot the GargoylEdit

Spell Effect
Furious Rage 50% damage buff (2 turns), along with a fire poison that is activated when the buff runs out
Cloak of Flames A self-buff that steals HP from adjacent characters on the caster's next turn
Trapped! Switches positions with a character and puts a fire damage trap on adjacent tiles of the target square
Creeping Flames A fire poison
Regenerative Stone Skin Takes 99% of the caster's HP while giving them 1000 damage reduction and -100 pushback resistance for 2 turns, restores 5000 HP after the effect runs out
Bonus Per level Total
Vitality  ? 70
Initiative  ? 51
Wisdom  ? 30
Damage  ? 8
Intelligence  ? 20

Kubitus the Chafer ArcherEdit

Rapiat the Swamp RatEdit

Spell Effect
Little Pest Inflicts damage and applies weakened state.
Scrooge Inflicts damage and steals MP
Ziggurat Inflicts damage and increases the caster's %damage
Rallying Increases damage and lock for allies and decreases damage and dodge for enemies
Summoining of Reine Rate Summons a Reine Rate capable of summoning Rats Daim that will attack, and summon other Rats Daim.

Karotz the Gwandpa WabbitEdit

Spell Effect
Explosive Cawwot Causes damage and the loss of AP.
Invewse Grawity Glyph Sets a Glyph that causes the Heavy state.
Cwunch my Cawwot Steals HP and Chance in a cross-shaped AoE.
Awthwitic Telepowtation Teleport anywhere on the map, but miss the next turn.
Wabbit Leap A linear leap with cross-shaped damage and pushback at the destination cell.
Bonus Per level Total
Agility  ? 20
Vitality  ? 70
Critical hits  ? 6
Initiative  ? 50
Damage  ? 3
Summons  ? 3

Logram the Maho FirefouxEdit

Spell Effect
Pyromania Logram randomly transforms for 3 turns, gaining or losing characteristics and access to certain spells depending on what he becomes.
Ignition Inflicts Fire damage.
Interference Steals HP and swaps places with a target in close combat. The Flamboyant state is required to cast this spell..
Disabling Burn Inflicts damage and applies a fire type poison to the target, which injures them depending on the number of AP they use during their next turn. The Ardent state is required to cast this spell.
Transmission Sacrifices part of their HP to inflict damage on an opponent and steal his AP and MP. The Ectoplasmic state is required to cast this spell.


Mirh the PandoraEdit

Spell Effect
Left Foot Inflicts Air damage.
Fairy Nuff Inflicts damage and makes a target drowsy, inflicting the Gravity and Weakened state on them and making them lose MP.
Field of Sand Makes the surrounding Earth vibrate with its drum, causing damage and MP loss over time to everyone in the zone of effect, apart from Mirh and its stations.
Rise and Shine Mirh changes places with an enemy or a summons. If it's an enemy it will lose MP. If it's a summons, it will inflict damage in a cross around it based on its Agility.
Parked Mirh calls a stationary summons which reduced nearby enemies' resistance to MP loss. The longer they stay alive, the more damage Rise and Shine will do to it.

Tracon the Pandulum?Edit

Hichete the BarbrossaEdit

Kalkaneus the HazwonarmEdit

Haku the Zoth MasterEdit


Manitou ZothEdit

Spell Effect
Gusty Pellet
Muggy Pellet
Incendiary Pellet
Rocky Pellet
Piercing Rock
Powerful Rock
Flamboyant Rock
Crushing Rock
Terrifying Spirit
Aggressive Spirit
Devoted Spirit
Spirit Grace
Air Summon
Water Summon
Fire Summon
Earth Summon
Bonus Per level Total
Vitality  ?  ?
Agility 1 50
Intelligence 1 50
Chance 1 50
Strength 1 50
Percent damage  ?  ?

Inferno the Mini InuitEdit

Spell Effect
Heat Theft Steal ap from allies and to a lesser extent, summons, in an area of effect
Treacherous Flames Steal health in fire damage and add erosion to allies and to a lesser extent, summons, in an area of effect
Mind-numbing Flames Deal fire damage, steals intelligence, and adds erosion to allies and to a lesser extent, summons, in an area of effect
Infernal Flames Deals ranged fire damage in an area of effect
Infernal Storm Deal ranged high fire damage to a target

Styx the Mini InuitEdit

Spell Effect
Summon Bulbeau
Boiling Water

Mandrin the Mini InuitEdit

Spell Effect

Will Killson the Mini InuitEdit

Spell Effect
Ambidexterity Buffs the caster's AP, AP dodge and MP dodge for 3 turns
Dual Blade Increases the caster's +damage for 6 turns
Quattro Melee air steal damage, applies a dodge debuff to the target
Shaving Foam
Wild Stampede
Bonus Per level Total
Vitality 2 100
Agility 1 50
Critical hits 1 per 10 6
Air Damage 2 per 10 10
Initiative 2 100
 % Air resistance 1 per 10 6
Air resistance 1 per 10 6

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