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Area Amakna
Location Amakna Village
Coords (-2,0)
Options Talk

Jacksnapper is an NPC.



Hi there. You're an experienced adventurer with a sharp mind, right? I knew it! I used to be like you, you know, hauling my arse all over the World of Twelve without the slightest fear of danger. I met all sorts of creatures on my travels, from that little beansprout Jerry to great big Bertha, the giant potato eater. I even tested out project N.A.T.O.L. with a Perceptor! Anyway, where was I...? Oh yes: I probably know more retired VIP adventurers than anyone else alive!

Ask for a quest.

What makes you think I have a quest for you?

Demand a quest.

Well, if you insist... Turn your hat three times in your hands, then jam it on your head and go to the Astrub Zaap to beg for some kamas. With perseverance and a little luck, the quest will earn you enough to buy a beer. Another method is to gatecrash a wetting at the church in Amakna and do the same thing. No use thanking me for all these hints and tips, I always share them with pleasure.

Ask who pleasure is. (after asking this your chat window shows you haven't accepted Jacksnapper's quest)

Forget it...


Pleasure is what I'm feeling right now, watching you flounder about in confusion like a noodle.

Puff out your chest and leave with a fanfare playing in your head.


The NPC itself does not assign a quest. It is a hint to help you towards finding the Questhat. To get the hat you have kill a few snappers from Astrub Rocky Inlet(Sandy Dungeon Area).

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