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Jellufo is a pet.


Bought for 2,800 Ogrines from
  • Ankama Convention #4
  • Subscribing for 1 month or more during the Ankama Convention #4 (French Community only)
  • Subscribing for 1 month or more between July 15th and August 31st 2009 (International Community)


Used in the craft of


+1 Vitality is gained for every
Monster Number of kills
Coco Biblop 100
Indigo Biblop 100
Morello Cherry Biblop 100
Pippin Biblop 100
Coco Blop 50
Indigo Blop 50
Morello Cherry Blop 50
Pippin Blop 50
Blopshroom 25
Trunkiblop 25
Greedoblop 15
Royal Coco Blop 2
Royal Morello Cherry Blop 2
Royal Indigo Blop 2
Royal Pippin Blop 2
Royal Rainbow Blop 1
Blopium the Delirious 1

Favourite AreasEdit

Area Bonus
Cania Plains 50%

Improved AbilitiesEdit

Feed Jellufo a Jellufo Improvement Potion to improve its maximum statistics to 165 Vitality.

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