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Things to consider before craftingEdit

  • If you plan on relying solely on your own materials to level up, becoming a miner and lumberjack will make the process easier.
  • Prices for materials across servers can vary greatly. Find the recipe that's the most financially viable for the experience it provides.
  • If you do have money to burn on materials, make sure there's an adequate amount of each ingredient on the market before investing.
  • Familiarise yourself with the the experience tables on the Profession page and plan out your levelling.

Levelling GuideEdit

The recipes below are in order of 'XP per Kama' efficiency, although you should still check the costs since servers vary in market prices. The best recipes across the board will be in bold text.

2 Slots only (Level 1-12)Edit

3 Slots only (Lvl 7-41)Edit

4 Slots only (Level 8-27)Edit

(*)  These can be crushed into Po Rune when fed into a Crusher.

(**) These can be crafted into Satisfied Summoner's Rings and crushed with a Crusher in bulk, to produce valuable Ap Ga Runes, 'not recommended for levelling.

5 Slots only(Level 29-100)Edit

(*) A very fast and efficient craft depending on the price of amber. Cost is compensated for by rune yield from Crusher.

6 Slots only (Level 30-100)Edit

Crafts for ProfitEdit

Remember, demand on the markets can vary greatly between servers. However, there are a few 'jack of all trade' items that will sell consistently no matter what server you're on. These will be in bold text.

Level 40 +

Level 60 +

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