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Kamus Rex
Kamus Rex
if you think a chest is just for holding valuable items, think again. In a fight, it's a jack of all trades: it will of course defend itself, but first and foremost, you'll love its ability to take care of its allies. Instead of guarding your gold, it could indeed prove to be a valuable alloy... err... ally. Fun Fact: Kamus Rex may keep it on the down-low, but it's actually a she. Finally, a female character without a disproportionately large chest! Oh wait...

Like a true energy vacuum cleaner, Kamus Rex will make your most tenacious opponents vanish. His healing spells will be salvation incarnate, but he can also show some teeth if need be! Kamus Rex might be of help to classes that like to get their hands dirty, but he can also be useful at long range.

Healer, close-combat and ranged damage-dealer

Kamus Rex is a Sidekick.



Level Prim. Stats Sec. Stats Damage Resistances
Health Point Action Point Movement Point Range AP Reduction MP Reduction Lock Dodge Damage Power Pushback Resistance Neutral square Earth square Fire square Water square Air square AP Loss Resistance MP Loss Resistance Pushback Resistance
200 3,050 11 6 4 0 0 75 75 80 1200 0 10 10 10 20 10 60 80 0


Icon Name Element Short description
InvigoratingGlyph Invigorating Glyph N/A Places a glyph that heals at the end of the turn.
Voodryzl Voodryzl Water
Inflicts Water damage. Allies are healed in a 2-cell cross around the targer.
BenefaithfulAttraction Benefaithful Attraction N/A Attracts and heals allies around the caster. Also increases power to allies if Kamus is hit.
Ghosneze Ghosneze N/A Pushes target and Kamus 2-cells back from each other. If either takes pushback damage, they cause heals in a 2-cell AoE.
Intoxication Intoxication Earth
Poisons target for 2 turns and cause them to heal nearby enemies if hit.
ArdentCloud Ardent Cloud Fire
Deals Fire damage at a long range and reduces the target's Range.


  • Kamus deals decent damage in close range whilst also healing in an AoE around the enemy she's attacking, so try to keep her close if you're fighting in close combat.
  • Voodryzl will heal all allies in a 2-cell cross except Kamus herself, so make sure to use Invigoration Glyph or Intoxication if her health is getting low.
  • Beware of accidentally healing enemies when using Ghosneze.
  • In case of Gender-oriented Challenges Kamus Rex is female.