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Kardorim's Crypt
Difficulty 1 Easy
Area Incarnam
Subarea Cemetery
Coords [5,-1]
Key used to enter Kardorim's Crypt Key
Accepts Bunch of Keys Yes
Rewards None
Exclusive monsters Kardorim, Chafer Sergeant
Other details F2P Dungeon

Kardorim's Crypt is a dungeon.

Formerly known as Incarnam Dungeon.


Kardorim's Crypt is found at [5,-1] in Incarnam.


Entry requires giving a Kardorim's Crypt Key to Korpsort the Gravedigger, which is consumed.


Mobs do not vary. Challenging is possible.

Kardorims Crypt Room 1

Room 1

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Kardorims Crypt Room 2

Room 2

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Kardorims Crypt Room 3

Room 3

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Kardorims Crypt Room 4

Room 4

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Kardorims Crypt Room 5

Room 5

Room 5 Edit


There's no specific reward from Kardorim's Crypt except the chance to find Kardorim and Chafer Sergeant.

Related AchievementsEdit


Kardorim's Crypt is one of the three dungeons available to F2P players.