Koka Dekolak

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Koka Dekolak
Area Koalak Mountain
Koka Dekolak
Location Breeder Village
Coords (-15,-1)
Options Talk

Koka Dekolak is an NPC.



I'm not going to be explaining this for 106 years to come so listen up, and listen up good. I manage a company that's going down. To save it, I need to perk up the activity. I need raw materials and that's when you come into it. I need various animal resources from different creatures in the region. If you're planning on battering a few, you could perhaps help me out at the same time.

Suggest Dragoturkey resources.
Suggest some of the plants from the region.
Suggest Koalak resources.




Koka Dekolak is a pun on "Coca Cola".

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