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Kolossium is an arena of sorts, where players can take part in three vs. three PvP. The Kolossium offers an easy and rewarding alternative to the other types of PvP available as it has no drawbacks or punishments for participants other than the time invested.


To register you must first be level 50 (or above) and P2P. Assuming you are, simply click on the Kolossium button.

After doing so you must then click on "Register". The Kolossium will then find you two other players (assuming you're not in a group already), and an opposing team.

You can create a pre-made group you wish to register by right clicking on the relevant characters or character names and choosing 'Invite to the Kolossium'. Whatever the size of your group before registering, the Kolossium registration system will search for allies and enemies to round up to a 3 vs 3 fight.


The map where players fight is chosen at random from a number of different maps. The choice of maps and positions is developed especially to reciprocate the particular format of these fights.


The registration system will search for a balanced fight based off of the 'Rating' of the characters currently registered to participate. This means it is possible to be put against groups who are of higher level than your own, should your rating be particularly high.

Players who repeatedly win battles will receive an increase in rating which will pit them against other stronger and stronger players over time. On the other hand, players who are pitted against teams that are too powerful for them, and repeatedly lose, will receive a reduction in their rating that will eventually pit them against a level playing field.

The best way to receive balanced fights is to participate often and persevere through exceptionally difficult fights. Your rating will eventually decrease to a level where you will receive a fairer opposition.

Combat works like any other PvP fight, though if a player loses no HP is lost, neither do pets lose HP. This makes participation particularly rewarding as there is no punishment for losing, yet rewards for winning.


Winning a fight gives the player XP, Kamas and Kolossokens (the amount dependant on your rank). The Kolossokens gained are equivalent to Rank / 20. The Kamas gained are also dependant on your rank, being  Rank * 10.

As well as the rewards from the fight there is also a daily bonus, which is awarded so long as the player wins at least one match within the last 24 hours. The daily bonus is  Rank / 10 Kolossokens and Rank * 10 Kamas.


  • You cannot register if you have a transformation (such as Al Howin Gobball Transformation)
  • Premade teams cannot have a gap of over 50 level difference between members

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