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Kolosso is a boss monster.



Level Pp Stats Resistance (%) Resistance (Linear) Resistance (Other) Aggro range
Health Point Action Point Movement Point Lock Neutral square Earth square Fire square Water square Air square Neutral square Earth square Fire square Water square Air square AP Loss Resistance MP Loss Resistance Critical Resistance Pushback Resistance
212 4 8,000 15 6 60 25 16 22 10 29 60 60 1
212 5 9,000 15 6 60 25 16 22 10 29 60 60 1
212 6 10,000 15 6 60 25 16 22 10 29 60 60 1
212 7 11,000 15 6 60 25 16 22 10 29 60 60 1
212 8 12,000 15 6 60 25 16 22 10 29 60 60 1


  • Illyana: attracts an ally and heals it by 500~600.
  • Razepoutine: does 500~700 earth damage to all enemies in an infinite cone-shaped AoE. Needs an adjacent ally or enemy to be targeted on.
  • Baikal: buffs +50 damage triggered by weapon damage. (close combat)


Name Base Drop Rate Conditions
Kolosso Claw 11~15% None
Kolosso Fabric 1.1~1.5% None
Still Water 10% None
Brockheart Hormone 1% None
Gigantic Heart Box 100% Quest
Kolosso Sample 100% Quest
Brockhard Flank Steak 15% Hunter (Lv. 100)
The Sarapox 5~9% Have The Lurgi
Fangs of Glass Secret Key 5% Quest
Nougat Rabmarac Bar 5~9% Quest
Resonance Crystal .1% Quest


At the start of each fight, Kolosso puts the state Telepathy on all enemies, which gives them -10,000 heals for the entire fight. This prevents characters from healing with spells, weapons (such as Boogey Wand) or Cawwot.

However, you are still able to gain HP from steal damage, The Inflatable, Coney, Barrel or Tree of Life. Additionally, Kolosso's sidekick Professor Xa puts the state Morvele (1 turn duration) on all monsters every 2 turns. When hit in state Morvele a monster will gain +100 damage for 1 turn, but will also heal all enemies in an AoE of 5 by 90-140. Use this effect carefully to keep your characters healed: MP removal, simply kill or unbewitch the monster you buffed or protect (e.g. with Immunity) characters in its reach.

Professor Xa also has the ability to revive monsters. You can deal with this by killing him early or by surrounding him (as he can only revive on adjacent tiles). However, it can be difficult to get him trapped due to his cowardly AI (i.e. he will usually run away from enemies). When Xa dies, all other monsters are healed full and any remaining monsters (including Kolosso) are given an infinite +500 damage buff. For this reason, it's best to trap professor Xa, kill all monsters other than Kolosso and Xa, and then kill Xa after. Save Kolosso for the end.

Kolosso is in an Invulnerable state, which is disabled when he gets hit by a summon. Because summons prefer to hit other monsters, it's most common to kill Kolosso last. Until everything else is dead it's advisable to remove MP and separate him from other monsters (due to the nature of his only damage spell, Razepoutine).

To avoid being hit by Razepoutine it's best to use summons hitting on range. Confirmed to work well are: Cra Dopple, Feca Dopple, Enutrof Dopple, Red Wyrmling, Osa Dopple, The Sacrificial Doll, Panda Dopple.


Kolosso is a reference to Colossus.

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