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Kolosso Set Elements Edit

Type/Level/Name Effects
Belt (190)
Kolosso Belt
Strength < 600
Ring (192)
Kolosso Ring
Strength < 600
Hat (193)
Kolosso Helmet
Strength < 600

Kolosso Set Bonus Edit

Number of items equipped:

Items Bonus
1 No bonus
2 12 Fire Damage, 12 Air Damage, 12 Water Damage, 5 Lock, 3 Critical hits
3 24 Fire Damage, 24 Air Damage, 24 Water Damage, 10 Lock, 6 Critical hits, 1 AP

Complete Kolosso Set Effects Edit

Characteristics Attack Defense Miscellaneous

Notes Edit

The Kolosso Set. This set can be crafted by Shoemaker, Jeweller & Tailor professions.


To craft all elements of this set you will need :

Number Item
91 Pyrotechnic Brockhard Ear
59 Venomous Brockhard Scapula
41 Gluttonous Brockhard Tail
40 Icy Brockhard Molar
39 Bestial Brockhard Claw
34 Nightcrawling Brockhard Ear
30 Kolosso Claw
11 Pyrotechnic Brockhard Eye
8 Venomous Brockhard Tail
7 Bestial Brockhard Hair
7 Gluttonous Brockhard Manubrium
6 Nightcrawling Brockhard Fabric
4 Icy Brockhard Ear
3 Kolosso Fabric

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