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Kolosso Set Elements Edit

Image/Type/Level/Name Effects
Kolosso Belt

Belt (187)
Kolosso Belt

Strength < 600
Kolosso Ring

Ring (190)
Kolosso Ring

Strength < 600
Kolosso Helmet

Hat (193)
Kolosso Helmet

Strength < 600

Kolosso Set Bonus Edit

Number of items equipped:

Items Bonus
1 No bonus
2 12 Fire Damage, 12 Air Damage, 12 Water Damage, 5 Lock, 3 Critical hits
3 24 Fire Damage, 24 Air Damage, 24 Water Damage, 10 Lock, 6 Critical hits, 1 AP

Complete Kolosso Set Effects Edit

Characteristics Attack Defense Miscellaneous


The Kolosso Set. This set can be crafted by Shoemaker, Jeweller & Tailor professions.

To craft all elements of this set you will need :

Number Item
40 Icy Brockhard Molar
4 Icy Brockhard Ear
41 Venomous Brockhard Scapula
30 Kolosso Claw
3 Kolosso Fabric
6 Mahogany Pebble
9 Bworker Nail
13 Tynril Calyx
12 Peki Peki Hair
44 Pyrotechnic Brockhard Ear
5 Venomous Brockhard Tail
10 Ougaa Eye
5 Pyrotechnic Brockhard Eye
7 Gluttonous Brockhard Manubrium
3 Sparkling Pebble
11 Ice Powder
11 Minotot Ethmoid

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