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Kry Babby
Area Astrub
Kry Babby
Location Astrub City
Coords [5,-22] & [3,-17]
Details See Locations
Options Talk

Kry Babby is an NPC.

Not to be confused with Kry Babby (quest) and Kry Babby (following character).



Myyyyyy soft tooooy, waaah, someone stole my soft toy! I had so much trouble winning it at the Trool Fair... Can you help me get it back? Those thieves... the ones that live in the forest north of the village, they... they assaulted me, and they stole my soft tooooy...

Offer to get it back yourself.




Kry Babby is found at [5,-22] before completing her quest, then at [3,-17] after completing it.


The name resembles "cry baby".

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