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Lanseuft of Troille
Area Amakna
Lanseuft of Troille
Location Edge of the Evil Forest
Coords [-2,14]
Options Talk

Lanseuft of Troille is an NPC.



Hello there, my name is Lanseuf, I'm from Troille. Let me tell you something before you go any further. Behind that little copse there, see, there's a worrying network of plant life, and I'm its guardian. Yes, you guessed it, it's a labyrinth. I tell you, young one, I've lost count how many curious souls have strayed in there looking for the treasure it's supposed to hide in its planty depths. All I can say is nearly the same number never came out again.

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Let me warn you. That labyrinth is stuffed with monsters, and stuffed with the spirits of all the dumb adventurers who died there, too. They now haunt that dark and hostile place. You'd best have a neck like a Bwork's crotch if you plan on going in there.
Ask to enter the labyrinth

Well, you seem determined to die. It's your choice, but you'll still have to prove you can fight before I let you past. Bring me a Karne Rider Nail. Their smell chases away a great number of monsters and will protect me. If you're able to rip one out of one of those smelly goblins, then I'll know I can let you past.

Hand over a Karne Nail.


Features in


Grants access to


Lanseuft of Troille refers to the French comics Lanfeust of Troy.


Lanseuft of Troille used to give 1 Powerful Wisdom Scroll in exchange for 200 Moskito Wings, 90 Mushroom, 75 Wild Sunflower Seed and 60 Hemp Seed.

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