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Lara Soft
Area Amakna
Lara Soft
Location The Milicluster
Coords [2,6]
Details Inside a house
Options Talk, Exchange

Lara Soft is an NPC.



Hello, Hello! Let me introduce myself - my name is Lara Soft. I am a retired archaeologist. In fact, I realized that the trade of pelts and the making of furs was more profitable. All the ladies in Amakna are fond of them. I became the official fur retailer for all the society parties in Amakna and my jackets are selling like hot cakes.

Continue the conversation.

Since I have gained the trust of my clients, I can make them believe anything. For instance, at the moment I sell them coats made of mouse hair and mouse skin, telling them it's very fasionable. Well, I now have so many orders I don't even know if I'll have enough mouse hair...

Offer to help.

Oh yes! If you can bring me back some mouse hair, I will exchange them for my stock of Gobball leather. I have some left from the past season and I really don't know what to do with it.


Give To get
1 Mouse Hair 1 Gobball Leather


Lara Soft is a takeoff on Lara Croft.

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