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Laura Soho
Area Amakna
Laura Soho
Location Amakna Village
Coords [2,-1]
Details Inside Amakna Inn
Options Talk, Buy/Sell

Laura Soho is an NPC.



Hi, I'm Laura Soho, I'll be your waitress today. What can I get for you?

Ask her about the events at the tavern.

Sometimes the Tavern organises a big party. Minstrels come and play to liven things up and grilled Tofu is normally half price. Meetings can also be organised here for the members of a guild or groups of friends.

Ask her about the beer.

Beer is made by the brewers of Amakna. There are several different kinds, depending on what cereal is used, Malt, Hops or Barley, for example. The most powerful beers can have spectacular, unexpected effects.

Ask her where the brewers are.

Ever since the brewery was destroyed by a thirsty Crackler, the Brewers have been out of work. The manager of the Tavern decided to lend them the cellar so they can set up a new brewery and keep on producing their marvellous beer.
I hope they get to work soon...our beer supplies are decreasing by the minute!


Item Price (Kamas)
Amakna Beer 20


Features in

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