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Quest Summary
StartingTalk Plastic Goblait at (-4,3)
Other prerequisitesNone
Recommended level70
Total rewardsLevel-based XP, 6,280 Kamas, 1 Bear Paw
Items required
(not provided by quest)
1 Fattrool, 1 Troofle
SequelLack of Mussels

Litol Goblait the Goblinmagus is a quest.


Talk to Plastic Goblait at (-4,3) in The Goblin Camp.


You cross Bwork village and you alive! You strong! You help Goblin.

Me help for kamas

Oldest child, Gobincarnat become first goblin magus. Give Troofle, Fattrool, a red cape and my Litol to Bworknroll. He lives in rat larder.

I'll accompagny him to the Magus.
Me ready to help you
Me strong, but me no help Goblin

Step 1: Chaperoning LitolEdit

Litol's father wants him to become a magus. Bring him to the most powerful Bwork Magus with something to eat.

Step 2: What Big Teeth You Have!Edit

Litol has agreed to follow you. Don't dorget to bring his Troofle, his Fattrool and the Red Cape.

Bring Troofle, Fattrool, the red cape and Litol will follow you. Guide him to Bworknroll.

We're going there straight away.
You will receive 1 Litol Goblait (following character).
  • Find the map: Escort Litol to his teacher
Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
(-5,10), in the Bwork Dungeon entrance

You travel with a Goblin looking good to eat!

Do you want it? I sell it to you!
He's under my protection.
If you choose the first option (Sell it), you will receive 10,000 kamas and lose all the stuff but the goblin. He still follows you but the quest is finished and you earn no XP.
If you choose the second option, you will start a fight with Litol Goblait (monster) against Boowolf Bigfang. Other characters cannot join the fight.

Step 3: Enrollment FeeEdit

If Bworknroll accepts the payment, Litol will be able to become a magus.

A goblin disciple? Why not! I will train him very quickly. His brain won't accept many spells in any case.

You're in charge of him now!

Come and see me again when you have time. If you'd help a Goblin, surely you'll help a Bwork mage.

You will lose 1 Litol Goblait (following character).
You will lose 1 The Red Cape.
You will lose 1 Troofle.
You will lose 1 Fattrool.

Step 4: Litol got his study grantEdit

Bworknroll accepted to teach magic to Litol. Go and tell his father.

My son very strong! First goblinmagus.