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Lovely Organiser Kwakerbak
Area Amakna
Lovely Organiser Kwakerbak
Location Crackler Mountain
Coords (-4,-7)
Options Talk

Lovely Organiser Kwakerbak is an NPC.


Before quest

Hello! I'm the sports rep from Charlie's Agents. Do you like physical exertion?
You're in luck! I'm trying to promote a new sport. I call it Kwakbowl. It's a bit like Gobbowl, but it uses Kwak Eggs instead of a Gobbowl ball. Its oval form is better suited to...
What? Behind me? Ah, that's just a nest of Kwaks! That's where I get my eggs from, but I can't let you enter without clearance.
Go and ask at Charlie's Agents for more information.

During quest

Hello! I'm the sports rep from Charlie's Angels. Are you here on behalf of Charlie Endstown-Smisse?
Great! I've had an idea for a new sport that I'd like to tell you about! It's kind of based on Gobbowl. I've called it Kwakbowl. The rules are the same, but it's played with a Kwak Egg instead of a Gob...
What? You're not interested? You're just here to see the Kwaks? Fair enough! No one's allowed in without the key, though, OK, so I hope you've got one. Just to be on the safe side, bring some backup so you can hit in every element, that way you won't get any nasty surprises.

Use the key.

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