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Lumino (NPC)
Area Amakna
Lumino (NPC)
Location Vigilante Base
Coords (4,4)
Options Talk

Lumino (NPC) is an NPC.

For the Sidekick of the same name see: Lumino (Sidekick).



Gleaming greetings! If you were able to get in here, it means you must be one of Captain Ankmkna's helpers. Welcome to Krosmoz Vigilantes' base!

Find out more about him.
I am Lumino, leader of the Multimen. My brothers and I fight tirelessly to return the World of Twelve to the harmony that was taken from it by Djaul and his master. The day will come when the old equilibrium will be restored, when the Dofus will beat with the same rhythm, when all the sentient creatures will be united and will be able to achieve true happiness, when they'll all be able to work together to achieve their true destinies, when there will be free beer for every citizen! This day is approaching, and maybe you will be lucky enough to see it.


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