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Lumino (Sidekick)
Lumino (Sidekick)
If you take it upon yourself to restore lost harmony and re-establish order in the Krosmoz, you'd better hope you've got the charisma to pull it off! Leader of the Multimen, Lumino is always there to care for his brothers and allies whenever they get a booboo. Defender of all who are weak, oppressed and in need, he's as bright and lively as he is generous. In fact, the only thing wrong with Lumino, the only dark stain on his dazzling character sketch, is his brother Shadow...
Lumino has strong healing spells and can also deal low amounts of ranged Neutral Damage.
Lumino (Sidekick) is a Sidekick.

For the NPC of the same name see: Lumino (NPC).



Level Prim. Stats Sec. Stats Damage Resistances
Health Point Action Point Movement Point Range AP Reduction MP Reduction Lock Dodge Damage Power Pushback Resistance Neutral square Earth square Fire square Water square Air square AP Loss Resistance MP Loss Resistance Pushback Resistance
200 3,050 11 6 4 0 0 30 75 80 1200 0 12 12 12 12 12 80 60 0


Icon Name Element Short description
Firefoux Blood Firefoux Blood N/A Automatically cast at the end of the turn. Heals nearby allies.
Kazam Kazam Neutral
Deals Neutral damage in a small AoE. The targets will heal your allies and damage your enemies at their turn.
Tambourino Tambourino Neutral
Deals ranged Neutral damage and heals allies around Lumino.
Illumination Illumination N/A Pushes back targets around Lumino. If the targets take Pushback damage, they will heal other characters around them.
Scar Scar N/A Heals targets in an AoE.
Screen Screen N/A Grants a shield that reduces ranged damage.
Divergence Divergence Neutral
Damages a single enemy or heals a single ally. The lower the HP, the higher the effect.


  • Mind your position when using Tambourino. You are able to heal allies additionally if you are standing 1-2 cells around them.
  • If you are going to use several damage spells on the same target, use Divergence last. It will deal more damage if the target has lower HP.
    • If you are going to heal allies several times, use Divergence first. It will heal more, if the target has lower HP.
  • Targets affected by Illumination will heal if they take Pushback damage. This damage can directly be dealt by Illumination but can also be dealt by other characters in the same round.
    • The pushed target won't receive the heal.
    • The heal is high and enemies can receive it too. Be careful there!
  • Lumino can't buff Screen to himself, but several Luminos can buff it to each other.
  • Try to end your turn 1-2 cells around your allies. They will be healed for free due to Firefoux Blood.

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