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Maeve Lightdance
Area Amakna
Maeve Lightdance
Location Amakna Castle
Coords (6,-6)
Details Underground
Options Talk

Maeve Lightdance is an NPC.



As soon as I was old enough to use a Chakram, I set out to track down outlaws and other criminals. Soon enough, Allister heard tell of my talents and offered me a job working for him. Obviously, I said yes, and that's how I met Captain Amakna, who I've been working with ever since. In 643, the King promoted me to the rank of Guard because escape attempts had gone through the roof (much like most of the escapees) and the supervisors were all dozy old gits. Believe me: if I'd been on duty when Esra'Ruoy'Dnim hatched his big plan, the demon would still be crying in his jail cell. Anyway, I'll stop my wittering on. If you get your hands on any outlaws wanted by the Amakna militia, bring 'em straught to me!

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