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The feature(s) mentioned on this page have been removed from the game, and are merely left on the Wiki for historical reasons.

Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Hel Munster at (-5,-13)
Other prerequisitesKnow at least 1 Specialisation
Recommended level
Total rewards1 maging tool
Items required
(not provided by quest)
1 Crocobur Pedestal Fragment

Mage Quest is a repeatable quest.


This quest will not show up in your quest book.
  • This quest is an optional quest to acquire maging tools. These tools can also be crafted, bought from crafters and/or NPCs.
  • You must be Level 65 in your Profession to acquire the corresponding specialization
  • Talk to Hel Munster at (-5,-13)
Demonstrate your talent as your lv. 65 profession

You seem to be talented. Very well, if you wish to follow my teaching, you'll have to find and study a creation with extraordinary magic powers. Then, I want you to bring me a proof of this study. I name you Creatormagus apprentice. Once you have proved yourself, I will give you the necessary material to make magical weapons.

Ask where such creation can be found
Do some research! That's part of the test. Regarding the proof you must bring back to me: don't damage the creation, ever! You should think about taking care of it. A piece of leather of a sword sheath, a plinth fragment of a vase... The task is difficult but not impossible. It is a bit like looking for a Xelor's clock hand in a thieving arachnee's cobweb! Don't forget it!

Show the fragment of Crocobur's pedestal.

A fragment of the plinth from the most magical weapon I've ever heard of. This piece of stone is impregnated with a magic essence that comes from the weapon itself and allows us to study it without causing damage to the material itself.
You passed the test with flying colours. Take this magic tool, it will enable you to create magic items. Plus, here's a small book, a kind of memory aid for every creator of magic weapons.

Exchange the fragment for your mage profession tools.

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