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Magic Weapon is a type of weapon.



Equip it to get an Incarnation. Once unequipped, you need to wait 1 minute before equipping it again.

Leveling UpEdit

  • A Magic Weapon gets XP and changes level (Incarnation level) when you fight monsters with the weapon equipped.
  • The maximum Incarnation level is 50.
  • This weapon will take all of your exp gained.
  • The incarnation's XP progress bar is only shown at the end of battles while it is equipped.
  • You can't upgrade your spells by your own, every spell will grow up 1 level for each 10 incarnation levels.



Tormentator Image Element Turns you into Image
Cloud's Tormentator Cloud's Tormentator Air White Knight White Knight
Darkness' Tormentator Darkness' Tormentator AirWater
Darkness Knight Darkness Knight
Drop's Tormentator Drop's Tormentator Water Blue Knight Blue Knight
Flame's Tormentator Flame's Tormentator Fire Red Knight Red Knight
Leaf's Tormentator Leaf's Tormentator Earth Green Knight Green Knight


Every Incarnation level gives you:

Tormentator Boosts
Cloud's Tormentator +1 Vitality, +1 Agility
Darkness' Tormentator +1 Vitality, +0.5 Agility, +0.5 Chance, +0.5 Intelligence, +0.5 Strength
Drop's Tormentator +1 Vitality, +1 Chance
Flame's Tormentator +1 Vitality, +1 Intelligence
Leaf's Tormentator +1 Vitality, +1 Strength


  • Makes you lose your spells
  • Gives you 5 new spells
Tormentator Element Spells
Cloud's Tormentator Air
Darkness' Tormentator AirWater
Drop's Tormentator Water
Flame's Tormentator Fire
Leaf's Tormentator Earth

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