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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Harry Kwismas at [4,0]
Other prerequisitesKwismas Preparations active or The Dungeon Star complete
Recommended level20-200
Total rewardsLevel-based XP, Kamas, 4 Gold Chocolate Kamas and 1 Father Kwismas's House Key
Items required
(not provided by quest)
RepeatableYes, every day

Merry Kwismas is a repeatable quest.


Talk to Harry Kwismas at [4,0].

This quest does not count towards the quest The Dungeon Star, you must do the Kwismas Preparations quest.
He will give you this quest if you talk to him again after receiving the quest Kwismas Preparations.
After completing the quest The Dungeon Star, you will always get this quest.

It's awful, really awful...

Ask what the matter is.

Imagine, if you will, the heinous crime that there awful - no, worse than that - atrocious monsters have committed.
Those fiends broke into Father Kwismas' workshop and cleared it out before returning to the depths of their dungeons.
Unless someone does something to stop them, the children of the World of Twelve will not be able to celebrate Kwismas this year.
Do you understand what that means?

Offer your help.

Oh, I'm glad you're taking it that way.
You can help by retrieving one of the boxes of presents stolen by those terrible fiends. Apparently, despite their abhorrent, unrepentant, soulless behaviour, they can be made to feel some remorse for their actions if Father Kwismas himself talks to them and asks for the stolen boxes to be returned. Perhaps you should try to pass yourself off as him, and if the thieves still aren't convinced, a good blow on the head should sort them out.

Ask where you should go look.

There you go, I've shown you which monster took part in the break-in.
Don't forget to bring the box of presents back to me as soon as you've recovered it.
If you aren't able to recover it, come back and see me in two hours.

Ask for a new key.

I see you have a Bunch of Keys. Give them here a minute.
There you go, you can do the dungeon once without needing the key.

Step 1: Toy FactoryEdit

Some dreadful creatures have burgled Father Kwismas's warehouse. You need to get back the boxes of gifts that they've stolen - with or without their consent - and return them to Harry Kwismas.
  • Defeat 1 Boss Monster in one fight
  • Find the map: Exit of the dungeon
  • Talk to Harry Kwismas again
The boss you need to defeat is random, but depends on your level. After 2 hours have passed after receiving your quest, you can ask Harry for a new mission and he will change your current monster to a random monster from the same level. It will drop a Small Box of Gifts, Box of Gifts, or a Large Box of Gifts (See Notes for more information).
Level Monster
20~40 Famished Sunflower, Sponge Mob, Royal Gobball
40~60 Shin Larva, Golden Scarabugly, Bworkette, Great Coralator, Batofu
60~80 Ancestral Treechnid, Dragon Pig, Moowolf, Batofu, Royal Rainbow Blop, Shin Larva, Legendary Crackler, Gourlo the Terrible
80~100 Moowolf, Koolich, Dragon Pig, Gourlo the Terrible
100~110 Koolich, Moowolf, Lord Crow, Royal Tofu, Gourlo the Terrible
110~120 Crocabulia, Pandora Master, Royal Tofu
120~130 Silf the Greater Bherb, Crocabulia, Lord Crow, Skeunk, Pandora Master, Perfidious Tynril, Dragon Pig, Royal Tofu, Tanukouï San, Minotoror
130~140 Pandora Master, Minotoror, Perfidious Tynril, Silf the Greater Bherb, Skeunk, Lord Crow
140~160 Royal Tofu, Lord Crow, Skeunk, Soft Oak
160~200 Soft Oak, Kimbo, Bworker, Minotot, Ougaa, Grohlum



The Presents which you receive from the quest vary depending on what you wear while defeating the Boss in question.

Wearing neither the Father Kwismas Cape or the Father Kwismas Hat will cause 3 Ridiculous Kwismas Gifts to drop

Wearing either the Father Kwismas Cape or the Father Kwismas Hat will cause 3 Incredible Kwismas Gifts to drop

Wearing both the Father Kwismas Cape and the Father Kwismas Hat will cause 3 Potentially Ultra-Powerful Kwismas Gifts to drop

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