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Mimisymbic is a Usable Item.


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Mimisymbic can be used to give a piece of Equipment the appearance of another, while keeping the stats of the original one.

When you use a Mimisymbic, it opens an interface where you select both the Equipment who's appearance you want, and the Equipment who's stats you want. It will show you the end result before you complete it, to ensure the result is correct. The item who's appearance is used, is destroyed, leaving only the item who's stats you wanted, now with the same appearance as the other Equipment.

  • Appearance: Mimisymbics is mainly used to give a Character a specific appearance, without having to sacrifice power on weaker Equipment. Equipment that can change color like the Class Set pieces is especially popular.
  • PvP: Another tricky use is for PvP players. Mimisymbics can be used to disguise what Equipment you're using in the same way most Livitinems can. This can be used to trick opponents into using the wrong Equipment to counter your build.