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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Miss Lousy Piggy at [-57,4]
Other prerequisitesNone
Recommended level100
Total rewardsLevel-based XP, 11,980 Kamas, 1 Ouassingue Juice, Ability to use Scarplane at [-57,4]
Items required
(not provided by quest)

Miss Lousy Piggy's Revenge is a quest.


Talk to Miss Lousy Piggy at [-57,4].


It's only a nickname that the Black and Pink Knight gave me ... it's not my real name, I'm not Miss Lousy Piggy!
I want my revenge! That boor ruined my reputation as a Scarplane pilot... Please, do something!
Could you go confront and ridicule him for me?

Accept the proposition.

Step 1: The Black and Pink KnightEdit

Miss Lousy Piggy would like you to confront the terrible Black and Pink Knight for her.


Related AchievementsEdit

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