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Moowitty is a pet.


Bought from


Used in the craft of


+1 Wisdom and +1 Prospecting is gained for every
Monster Number of kills
Kolerat 300
Miliboowolf 200
Ouginak 150
Scurvion 150
Whitish Fang 150
Kaniger 100
Lab Kolerat 100
Furious Whitish Fang 75
Rabid Ouginak 75
Reinforced Scurvion 75
Boowolf 50
Nelween 10
Moowolf 4

Favourite AreasEdit

Area Bonus
Sidimote Moors
Canidae Dungeon

Improved AbilitiesEdit

Feed Moowitty a Moowitty Improvement Potion to improve its maximum statistics by 10% to 33 Wisdom and 33 Prospecting.

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