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Moowolf is a boss monster.



Level Stats Resistance (%) Base XP Characteristics Aggro range Lock
Vitality Ability point Movement point Neutral square Earth square Fire square Water square Air square Ability point Movement point Initiative Wisdom Strength Intelligence Chance Agility
100 5,700~8,400 8 7 22 32 -5 42 42 30 33 0 35



Name Base Drop Rate Conditions
Barrel of Tasty Juice 3% None
Big Heart Box 100% Quest
Bloalak Hormone 5% Bloalak equipped
Box of Gifts 100% Quest
Brindled Bow Wow Hormone 5% Brindled Bow Wow equipped
Dripping Meat 0.5% Hunter Lv. 100
Fresh Sample of Moowolf Mojo 100% Quest
Large Box of Gifts 100% Quest
Little Black Bow Wow Hormone 5% Little Black Bow Wow equipped
Moowitty Hormone 5% Moowitty equipped
Moowolf Eye 1.5% None
Moowolf Fabric 1.5% None
Moowolf Hair 15% None
Moowolf Magic Testicles 1.5% None
Moowolf Mojo 1.5% None
Moowolf Scalp 15% None
Moowolf Teeth 1.5% None
Moowolf Testicles 1.5% None
Nougat Rabmarac Bar 5% Quest
Willy Peninzias Hormone 5% Willy Peninzias equipped
Small Box of Gifts 100% Quest
Moowolf's Enchanted Ring 100% Quest


You will have to hit him once on each characters turn in order to take his invulnerability away, recommended some spell with low ap before dealing the damage on the turn.

Each attack against the boss causes it to gain 30% power for four turns.