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Mounts are an equipment type similar to pets and petsmounts (to some extent they can be seen as a more advanced pet system). Players can start using mounts from level 60 onwards. You can only use either a pet or a mount at any one time, you cannot use them both at the same (although you can equip both). Mounts have several advantages and disadvantages when compared to pets:

Advantages Compared To Pets Disadvantages Compared To Pets
Can boost multiple characteristics sometimes beyond what an equivalent pet can give (e.g Vitality, Wisdom and Strength). Can only equip 1 mount at a time and changing mounts requires a paddock.
Can carry items, much like a portable chest, up to a certain number of pods depending on generation and level (you can still use this feature if you have a pet equipped). Unequipping a mount requires you to empty its inventory.
Does not have a regular feeding time, only needs to be fed when energy is depleted. When a mount's energy reaches zero it becomes unridable until energy is raised (by feeding or using a Manger).
Losing battles does not affect the mount (mounts do not die). Time consuming if you are breeding to obtain a specific mount
Wide range of mounts available giving you more options to pick-and-mix the characteristics you want. Mounts can only be equipped from level 60, whereas most pets can be equipped as soon as level 1.
Mounts make your character travel faster across maps - letting you reach places quicker compared to those without mounts.
Novelty/actual use of Capacities such as Chameleon/Load Bearer which can be a formidable enhancement.
  • To equip a mount you need to use a paddock.
  • For a table showing the amount of experience needed for a mount to level, see Mount Level.
  • For information on breeding mounts, please see the Breeder page.

Mountable CreaturesEdit

The only available type of mounts are Dragoturkeys and Seemyools.


Pure Breeds
Mount Name Max Effects
Almond Dragoturkey +1000 Initiative, +2 Summons
Crimson Dragoturkey +50 Vitality, +80 Strength
Ebony Dragoturkey +50 Vitality, +80 Agility
Emerald Dragoturkey +200 Vitality, +1 MP
Ginger Dragoturkey +100 Vitality
Golden Dragoturkey +50 Vitality, +40 Wisdom
Ivory Dragoturkey +50 Vitality, +50% Power
Indigo Dragoturkey +50 Vitality, +80 Chance
Orchid Dragoturkey +50 Vitality, +80 Intelligence
Plum Dragoturkey +200 Vitality, +2 Range
Turquoise Dragoturkey +50 Vitality, +80 Prospecting
Striped/Cross Breeds
Mount Name Max Effects
Almond and Crimson Dragoturkey +500 Initiative, +50 Vitality, +1 Summons, +60 Strength
Almond and Ebony Dragoturkey +500 Initiative, +50 Vitality, +1 Summons, +60 Agility
Almond and Emerald Dragoturkey +500 Initiative, +100 Vitality, +1 Summons, +1 MP
Almond and Ginger Dragoturkey +500 Initiative, +100 Vitality, +2 Summons
Almond and Golden Dragoturkey +500 Initiative, +50 Vitality, +25 Wisdom, +1 Summons
Almond and Indigo Dragoturkey +500 Initiative, +50 Vitality, +1 Summons, +60 Chance
Almond and Ivory Dragoturkey +500 Initiative, +40 Vitality, +40% Power, +1 Summons
Almond and Orchid Dragoturkey +500 Initiative, +50 Vitality, +60 Intelligence, +1 Summons
Almond and Turquoise Dragoturkey +500 Initiative, +100 Vitality, +1 Summons, +40 Prospecting
Crimson and Ginger Dragoturkey +150 Vitality, +60 Strength
Ebony and Crimson Dragoturkey +100 Vitality, +50 Agility, +50 Strength
Ebony and Emerald Dragoturkey +100 Vitality, +30 Agility, +1 MP
Ebony and Ginger Dragoturkey +150 Vitality, +60 Agility
Ebony and Indigo Dragoturkey +100 Vitality, +50 Agility, +50 Chance
Ebony and Ivory Dragoturkey +100 Vitality, +40 Agility, +40% Power
Ebony and Orchid Dragoturkey +100 Vitality, +50 Agility, +50 Intelligence
Ebony and Turquoise Dragoturkey +100 Vitality, +60 Agility, +40 Prospecting
Emerald and Crimson Dragoturkey +100 Vitality, +1 MP, +30 Strength
Emerald and Ginger Dragoturkey +300 Vitality, +1 MP
Emerald and Indigo Dragoturkey +100 Vitality, +1 MP, +30 Chance
Emerald and Ivory Dragoturkey +100 Vitality, +1 MP, +20% Power
Emerald and Orchid Dragoturkey +100 Vitality, +1 MP, +30 Intelligence
Emerald and Turquoise Dragoturkey +100 Vitality, +1 MP, +40 Prospecting
Golden and Crimson Dragoturkey +100 Vitality, +25 Wisdom, +60 Strength
Golden and Ebony Dragoturkey +100 Vitality, +25 Wisdom, +60 Agility
Golden and Emerald Dragoturkey +100 Vitality, +25 Wisdom, +1 MP
Golden and Ginger Dragoturkey +100 Vitality, +25 Wisdom
Golden and Indigo Dragoturkey +100 Vitality, +25 Wisdom, +60 Chance
Golden and Ivory Dragoturkey +100 Vitality, +25 Wisdom, +40% Power
Golden and Orchid Dragoturkey +100 Vitality, +25 Wisdom, +60 Intelligence
Golden and Turquoise Dragoturkey +100 Vitality, +25 Wisdom, +40 Prospecting
Indigo and Crimson Dragoturkey +100 Vitality, +50 Chance, +50 Strength
Indigo and Ginger Dragoturkey +150 Vitality, +60 Chance
Indigo and Ivory Dragoturkey +100 Vitality, +40 Chance, +40% Power
Indigo and Orchid Dragoturkey +100 Vitality, +50 Chance, +50 Intelligence
Indigo and Turquoise Dragoturkey +100 Vitality, +60 Chance, +40 Prospecting
Ivory and Crimson Dragoturkey +100 Vitality, +40% Power, +40 Strength
Ivory and Ginger Dragoturkey +200 Vitality, +40% Power
Ivory and Orchid Dragoturkey +100 Vitality, +40% Power, +40 Intelligence
Ivory and Turquoise Dragoturkey +100 Vitality, +40% Power, +40 Prospecting
Orchid and Crimson Dragoturkey +100 Vitality, +50 Intelligence, +50 Strength
Orchid and Ginger Dragoturkey +150 Vitality, +60 Intelligence
Plum and Almond Dragoturkey +200 Vitality, +1 Range, +500 Initiative, +1 Summons
Plum and Crimson Dragoturkey +200 Vitality, +1 Range, +60 Strength
Plum and Ebony Dragoturkey +200 Vitality, +1 Range, +60 Agility
Plum and Emerald Dragoturkey +200 Vitality, +1 Range, +1 MP
Plum and Ginger Dragoturkey +300 Vitality, +1 Range
Plum and Golden Dragoturkey +200 Vitality, +1 Range, +25 Wisdom
Plum and Indigo Dragoturkey +200 Vitality, +1 Range, +60 Chance
Plum and Ivory Dragoturkey +200 Vitality, +1 Range, +40% Power
Plum and Orchid Dragoturkey +200 Vitality, +1 Range, +60 Intelligence
Plum and Turquoise Dragoturkey +200 Vitality, +1 Range, +60 Prospecting
Turquoise and Crimson Dragoturkey +100 Vitality, +60 Strength, +40 Prospecting
Turquoise and Ginger Dragoturkey +200 Vitality, +40 Prospecting
Turquoise and Orchid Dragoturkey +100 Vitality, +60 Intelligence, +40 Prospecting
Non breedable dragoturkeys
Mount Name Effects
Armoured Dragoturkey +50% Power, +5% Air Resistance, +5% Water Resistance, +5% Fire Resistance, +5% Earth Resistance, +5% Neutral Resistance
Feathered Dragoturkey +100 Vitality, +10 Reflect


Pure Breeds
Mount Name Max Effects
Golden Seemyool +100 Vitality, +50 Power, +1 MP
Ebony Seemyool +100 Vitality, +22 % Air resistance, +1 MP
Orchid Seemyool +100 Vitality, +22 % Fire resistance, +1 MP
Indigo Seemyool +100 Vitality, +22 % Water resistance, +1 MP
Crimson Seemyool +100 Vitality, +22 % Earth resistance, +1 MP
Almond Seemyool +100 Vitality, +40 Dodge, +1 MP
Ginger Seemyool +100 Vitality, +40 Lock, +1 MP

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