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Nathan Heir
Area Amakna
Nathan Heir
Location Bandit Territory
Coords [13,21]
Details Entrance to Blacksmith Dungeon
Options Talk

Nathan Heir is an NPC.



Nah sir, there's nuthin' behind me. It's just a empty cave. And why do I stay here in front of an empty cave? Good question. A Iop will answer that better than me, cos' his head'll be empty. Well, let me tell you... I'm a kindly Sram, and that's somethin' you don't see every day. I just don't want people comin' into this cave an' wastin' their time, that's all. There's nuthin' here. Don't believe all this nonsense about it bein' a hideout or nuthin... it's all lies, lies I tell ya!

Hand over the key and enter.
Use a Bunch of Keys.
Teleport group members.


Grants access to
In exchange for


Nathan Heir is a pun on 'nothing here'. When talking to Nathan Heir, he says that there is nothing in the cave behind him.

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