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Ness Laye
Area Amakna
Ness Laye
Location Amakna Village
Coords [3,1]
Options Talk

Ness Laye is an NPC.



Hi, I'm Ness Laye. I'm a confectioner of contentment, a harbinger of happiness... You guessed it, I'm the only one who can make happiness flakes.

Find out more about happiness in flakes.

It's a family secret. All I can say is that I'm short of some ingredients. Which ones? Well if I told you that then it wouldn't be as fun, would it?!


The name refers to the Nestlé chocolate and confectionery company.


Ness Laye used to give 1 Great Scroll of Vitality in exchange for 60 Blue Jelly, 25 Strawberry Jelly and 20 Mint Jelly.

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