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Nevark the Hunter
Area Archipelago of Vulkania
Nevark the Hunter
Location Vulkania Village
Coords [-47,42] & [1,13]
Details Location depends on if Vulkania is open or closed
Options Talk

Nevark the Hunter is an NPC.



Beyond this door, you will find terrible creatures ready to pounce on any imprudent soul who has the audacity to venture onto their territory.
If you don't want to end up torn to shreds, your corpse spread out amongst the plants and your bodily fluids watering the local flora, you might want to think twice about going in there.

Find out more.

I'm Nevark, the greatest hunter in Vulkania. Charlie's Agents have called me in to take care of security round here during the summer season. I spend the rest of the year training so one day I'll finally be able to beat Arachneeman in a duel.
If you think you're got the makings of a hunter, I'll let you have a go at an activity that will really test your abilities. After all, there's nothing more important than picking on someone your own size. Interested?


Listen, it's very simple, even for someone like you. All you have to do is beat 30 Juvenile Sauroshells (Level-Based) and bring me their tongues as trophies.

Go Sauroshell hunting.

The first time you manage it, I'll stamp your passport to say you've successfully completed this activity.


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