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Osamodas are born Summoners! They have the power to summon creatures and they are the greatest tamers. Rumour has it that they even cut their clothes from the skin of their enemies. Go ask them whether it's true or not... and you'll see for yourself!

The Osamodas or Osamodas' Whip class are the summoners of the Dofus world.

Out of all the classes Osamodas have the most summoning spells, and they also have some spells to buff both their summons and allies. Although some people may frown on Osamodas as their summons lengthen a battle, an Osamodas' true strength comes from these summons. Whether it be by mass summoning Black Tofus, or with a lone Red Wyrmling which has been massively buffed, Osamodas and their summons can be a formidable force to face.

Despite mainly being focused on summoning, Osamodas do have several attack spells. Depending on the Osamodas build, they are unlikely to charge an opponent,instead they can hit an opponent from afar with spells such as Dragonic, Dragon's Breath, Canine and Duster.And if the enemy does get too close, they are able do deal large amounts of damage using Crackler Punch and Fossil.

Overall being an Osamodas is very much a balancing act. Intuition plays a big deal as an Osamodas has to anticipate the moves of their summons (which can often act rather foolishly). Luckily now Osa's have the ability to control most of their summons. This means an Osamodas has to be adaptable to any situation. Given all these spells and summons, an experienced Osamodas can be a versatile and effective character.


Rate 1:1 2:1 3:1 4:1 5:1
Vitality Vit 1~∞ - - - -
Wisdom Wis - - 1~∞ - -
Strength Str 1~100 101~200 201~300 301~∞ -
Intelligence Int 1~100 101~200 201~300 301~∞ -
Chance Cha 1~100 101~200 201~300 301~∞ -
Agility Agi 1~100 101~200 201~300 301~∞ -

The Osamodas' characteristics do not normally affect those of their summons. However an Osa can merge with his summons to give a % of the Osa stats to his summons depending on which form he enters. Summons also gain +1% Life and +1% to each of their stats per level of their summoner.

Main Characteristics:

  • Intelligence Intelligence: Fire Osa offers heals, high ranged damage, have the hardest hitting summon (Red Wyrmling) and focuses more on supporting the team. Both Red and Black Wyrmling deal ranged fire damage. In addition, Red Wyrmling can remove 1 effect duration from anyone, and Black Wyrmling heals in an AOE when hitting an enemy. Both Wyrmlings can heal its allies if controlled by Osa.
  • Agility Agility: Air Osa has high mobility, high to medium range attacks, and relies on spamming tofus to deal high damage with the spell Duster. Black Tofu have high amounts of mp but a short ranged air attack that reduces lock. Podgy Tofu pushes instead of lock reduce. Both tofus gain 30% damage for each turn they are alive and is capped at 5 turns (150%). Tofus have the ability to swap position with allies when under Osa control. Pure Air Osa are really good for solo content.
  • Strength Strength Earth Osa are the front-line of a team. They are tanky, deal high close combat damage and can lock down enemies. Gobballs have high resistance but low close combat range, Black Gobball can put enemies into gravity while Gobball takes dodge. Under Osa control, gobballs can attract anyone a short distance.

Regardless of which Osa build you choose, all builds rely on having a fairly high summon stat.

Other Builds:

Chance Chance Osa has no natural Chance spells, and none of the summons benefit from Chance Osa. No Reason to build chance.

Vitality Vitality A vitality Osa can be really annoying to an enemy in PVP and kolossium, but aren't that great for PVM. You'd want to focus on having high Vitality, Resistance and Summons. In a fight, you'll just be spamming summons and giving buffs to allies. Fortunately for the Vit build they can also heal a little bit as Black Wyrmling's AOE heal doesn't rely on Osa's Int, and neither does Sacrificial Fire. Finally, once an important ally dies an Osa can use Spiritual Leash to revive them and not sufferer "that much" (still hurts) from the negative resistance penalty since you'll have high resistance already.

Wisdom Wisdom Wisdom Osa can be an interesting one. The only spell that is affected by Wisdom is Fossil, which takes 2-3 MP depending on its level. Combined that with a set that is dedicated to MP Reduction equipment, Osa's buffing spells and Osa's class item Lion Ring (which increases Fossil's range by 2), and he could make a pretty good MP reducer.

Class SpellsEdit

The class spells available to members of the Osamodas class are:

Icon Name Level Element Short description
Spiritual Leash Spiritual Leash Exchange for Doploons Revives the last defeated ally, with a % of their life.
OsaBlack Tofu Black Tofu 1 Air
Inflicts Air damage.
Summons a Tofu which fights alongside you. Black tofu inflicts air damage. Can be controlled while the Osa is in the Tofu Form. Summoning a Tofu blocks the Osa from summoning a Gobball and Wyrmling on the same turn.
Ghostly Claw Dragonic 1 Fire
Dragonic inflicts fire damage onto enemies and applies a hp steal. On allies it gives AP.
Canine Canine 1 Air
Canine inflicts air damage onto enemies and reduces their lock. On allies it gives MP.
Animal Link Animal Link 3 Animal Link allows to Osa to merge with one of his summons to gain buffs and debuffs depending on which summon he merged with. The Osa can also control all summons that match the form. Summons gain a percentage of Osa Intelligence, Strength or Agility depending on the form.
Fossil Fossil 6 Earth
Fossil inflicts earth damage and reduces up to 3 mp on enemies. On allies it gives Vitality as well as Lock.
OsaGobball Gobball 9 Neutral
Inflicts Neutral damage.
Summons a Gobball which fights alongside you. Gobball inflicts neutral damage. Can be controlled while the Osa is in the Gobball form. Summoning a Gobball blocks Osa from summoning a Tofu and Wyrmling on the same turn.
Call to Order Call to Order 13 Call of Order kills the targeted summon. It refunds the AP if its used on a Gobball, Tofu or Wyrmling.
OsaPodgy Tofu Podgy Tofu 17 Air Inflicts Air damage Summons a Podgy Tofu which fights alongside you. Podgy Tofu inflicts air damage. Can be controlled while the Osa is in the Tofu Form. Summoning a Tofu blocks the Osa from summoning a Gobball and Wyrmling on the same turn.
NewWhip Whip 21 Earth Air Fire
Earth Air Fire/Healing
Inflicts Earth/Air/Fire damage depending on which form the Osa is in. Gobball form attracts, Tofu form Repels and Wyrmling form heals allies.
Duster Duster 26 Air
Inflicts air damage depending on how many Tofus are on the field (Maximum 5).
OsaBlackGobball Black Gobball 31 Earth
Inflicts Earth damage
Summons a Black Gobball which fights alongside you. Black Gobball inflicts Earth damage. Can be controlled while the Osa is in the Gobball form. Summoning a Gobball blocks Osa from summoning a Tofu and Wyrmling on the same turn.
OsaBlackWyrmling Black Wyrmling 36 Fire
Inflicts Fire Damage
Summons a Black Wyrmling which fights alongside you. Black Wyrmling inflicts fire damage. Can be controlled while the Osa is in the Wyrmling form. Summoning a Black Wyrmling blocks Osa from summoning a Tofu and Gobball on the same turn.

Dragon's Breath Dragon's Breath 42 Fire
Inflicts fire damage. Heals around target if Wyrmling attack target.
Osa Takeoff Takeoff 48 Air
Sacrifices a summon to swap places and inflicts air damage around the start and end of the teleport.
Crackler Punch Crackler Punch 54 Earth
Crackler Punch deals high earth damage in an AoE.
Natural Defense Natural Defence 60 Natural Defense makes an allied summon become invulnerable for a turn. The summon dies the next turn.
Animal Healing Sacrificial Fire 70
Sacrifices an Osa summon to heal a % of the summons vitality in an AOE around the summon.
Summoning of Red Wyrmling Red Wyrmling 80 Fire
Inflicts Fire Damage
Summons a Red Wyrmling which fights alongside you. Red Wyrmling inflicts fire damage. Can be controlled while the Osa is in the Wyrmling form. Summoning a Red Wyrmling blocks Osa from summoning a Tofu and Gobball on the same turn.
High Energy Shot High-Energy Shot 90 Gives an Osa summon AP, MP, Vitality and % damage boost.
Symbiosa Symbiosa 100 Allows Osa to control an allied summon for 1 turn.
Summoning of Osamodas Dopple Summoning of Osamodas Dopple 200 Summons a Osamodas Dopple which fights alongside you.

Class SetEdit

The Osamodas Class Set is the Innumerable Set.


OUTDATED X=Not recommended, +=Longshot build (require high investment), ++=Fun but challenging build, +++=Proven, solid build

Pure elemental builds
Intelligence-based +++ Balanced summoner. Most popular. Supports summons with buffs and fire-type offensive spells. Intelligence further boosts the effectiveness of Whip when in Wyrmling form.
Agility-based ++ Focused on high mobility, high to medium-ranged attacks and spamming tofus. This type of Osa will focus on controlling the map placement.
Strength-based ++ Gobball-based build. Building on strength will improve the damage of neutral and Earth type spells such as Crackler Punch and Fossil. It will also contribute 50% of the Osa's strength to Gobballs while in Gobball form.
Chance-based X The Osa no longer has any chance-based spells. Building a chance-based Osa is not recommended for this reason.
Hybrid elemental builds
Intelligence + Strength + Vitality + Defensive variant of the Intelligence-based build with stronger unsummoning.
Other builds
Vitality-based +++ Pure summoner. Focuses on increasing AP and summoning capacity to overwhelm enemies with creatures. Dependent on good equipment, but can be very powerful in PvP if done right.


At (8,2) is the The Temple of Osamodas, where you can get information about the class and fight the Osamodas Dopple.


  • Osamodas backwards is "sadomaso" which means sadistic masochist, relating to the practice of sadomasochism. Osamodas seem to enjoy pain for pleasure, which is a characteristic of both sadism and masochism.
  • The Osamodas god is believed to be the most powerful god and is actually a Demon.

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