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A Vitality Osamodas Build. It's a nice, easy build. Although it can't match an Intelligence one in terms of the Osamodas' attack power, it can equal just with the sheer amount of summons they can get. Just pump all your points into Vitality.

This build focuses on +Summons as opposed to AP, this is so that you can have many summons out at once.


  • Lasts for ages.
  • Equipment is easy to find.
  • Can be effective at taking big mobs.


  • Can be a nuisance in fights with all the summons, also slows down fights.
  • Most of their damage is easy to nulify.


  1. Summoning of Gobball (lvl5) lvl 1~11
  2. Toad (lvl5) lvl 11-21
  3. High-Energy Shot (lvl4) lvl 21~27
  4. Summoning of Boar (lvl5) lvl 38~48
  5. Natural Defense (lvl5) lvl 51~61
  6. Fangs of Boowolf (lvl5) lvl 61~71
  7. Summoning of Bwork Magus (lvl5) lvl 71~81
  8. Summoning of Crackler (lvl5) lvl 81~91
  9. Summoning of Red Wyrmling (lvl5) lvl 91~101
  10. Summoning of Gobball (lvl6) lvl 101~107
  11. Bear Cry (lvl6) lvl 111~127
  12. Toad (lvl6) lvl 127~131
  13. Animal Blessing (lvl5) lvl 131~141
  14. Whip (lvl5) lvl 141~151
  15. Summoning of Boar (lvl6) lvl 151~157
  16. Natural Defense (lvl6) lvl 157~163
  17. Fangs of Boowolf (lvl6) lvl 163~169
  18. Summoning of Bwork Magus (lvl6) lvl 169~175
  19. Summoning of Crackler (lvl6) lvl 175~181
  20. Summoning of Red Wyrmling (lvl6) lvl 181~187
  21. Summoning of Osamodas Dopple (lvl6) lvl 187~197

Add your extra 3 points onto what ever you want.


Some examples of equipment are:

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