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Area Amakna
Location The Amakna Forest
Coords [9,21]
Options Talk, Buy/Sell, Exchange, Drop/Pick up a pet

Oshimo is an NPC.



The delivery man made a mistake and gave me four times the amount of healing powder for pets and petsmounts that I asked for. I thought I'd make the most of it and now I'm selling it for 1,000 kamas a pop. A special price, my friend...

Ask for details about him.

My name is Oshimo Li'Kross Babine. I've come a very long way to share my knowledge of pets with you. When I heard rumours of the new Pet Plague, I rushed here on my Tabi. In the end, I decided to stay.

Buy a measure of healing powder.

This powder can heal any pet. Give it to the creature as if it were its ordinary food and it'll feel better before you can say 'tiny vomiting animal'. Just remember that this stuff is medicine and it can't be used as actual meals for your pet.
So, are you interested?

Yes, buy some powder for 1,000 kamas.

Here's your powder. See you later.

Ask for information about this place.

You're in a Bow Kennel. This building is home to all small pets, as well as petsmounts. We keep them when their masters have to go slay dragons. We pamper them and make sure they're well treated. We can even take the ghost of a pet or petsmount and give you a new one in exchange.

Ask how to revive a dead pet or petsmount.

At the heart of the Nauseating Swamps is a sanctuary where the souls of dead pets gather. My ancestor Oshima has taken up residence there and he could bring your dead pet back to life.

Ask how to get there.


How do I exchange my ghost pet or petsmount?

I love pets too much to kill them and feed their corpses to my favourite dragoone. I prefer my pets alive, but you know, that's how Nature is, she can be cruel as well as kind. However, if you bring me any pet ghost and an Eniripsa powder, I'll take them off your hands and give you back a perfectly healthy new pet!
However, as healthy as it might be, it will be very young, and so you'll have to start training it all over again.

How do I leave my pet or petsmount here?

We keep your pet for a fee.
When you want to drop off your pet, leave it with me along with the fee; I'll guarantee its safe keeping and give you a contract to prove it.
When you come back, show me the certificate plus a little more money and you'll get your pet back.

Ask how much that costs.

The amount of money depends on its general state, if it has eaten or not... In fact, if it's hungry you'll have to pay a contractual amount for opening the file...
The amount of money to take it back depends on the number of days we passed taking care of it and add it another contractual amount depending on the kind of pet you have.


Item Price (Kamas)
How to raise your El Scarador 20
How to raise your Gobtubby 20
How to raise your Minifoux 20
How to raise your Treechster 20
How to raise your Bow Meow 200
How to raise your Bwak 200
How to raise your Croum 200
How to raise your Ghast 200
How to Raise Your Krolimea 200
How to Raise Your Madreggon 200
How to raise your Minimino 200
How to raise your Pink Dragoone 200
How to Raise Your Slayhound 200
How to raise your Wabbit 200
Eniripsa Powder 1,000


Give To get
1 Pet Ghost or Petsmount Ghost and 1 Eniripsa Powder 1 New Pet or Petsmount with empty stats

This does not revive your pet/petsmount, it exchanges it for a new and healthy one of the same type. The new pet/petsmount will have no stats or abilities. Also, you won't be able to exchange subscription pets/petsmounts for 2 months. If you have a pet/petsmount with many bonuses, you are better off exchanging it and 1 Resurrection Powder with Sorim Ait.

Drop off/collect a petEdit

Exchange your pet for a Kennel Certificate so your pet will not need feeding until you return to retrieve it. This is charged at an hourly rate of 10 Kamas.


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