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Area Otomai Island
Location Tree Keeholo Trunk
Coords [-55,15]
Details Inside house, 1 map left of the Imps Carrier at the Zoth Village (see Tree Keeholo Map for help)
Options Talk

Otomai is an NPC.

For the Server of the same name, see Otomai (server).



Hello, I'm Otomai, one of the most renowned magicians in the World of Twelve, the uncontested expert on everything that animates and controls living things. I'm also reputed for my alchemy which I use to brew potions with several different effects. What would you like to know?

  • Unlearn a spell
  • Change your constitution.
  • Offer your help
  • Talk about Otomai
I once tried to gather all the living animals known to date on this island.
Unfortunately, the aggressive instinct of some creatures made me fail. I never managed to make them live together in a limited space nor acclimate them to the biotope of this island.
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Since I created this creature and it escaped from me... I have understood that I must find a way to conserve the essence of as many living creature as I can. Something tells me that it will be usefull in the future, and that great changes are approaching. The great story of natural evolution cannot end here, we cannot let it be swept away by a force we're not even sure exists... excuse me, I'm rambling again...
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As I have already explained, I tried to get there myself long ago by sailing to this island in my arc with many creatures from the continent aboard. I failed, the plan was too ambitious. Now I've decided to enlist the help of adventurers like you in the hopes that they can capture the souls of the creatures I require. This quest may well prove to be very dangerous, and so I am offering the greatest reward of all to adventurers who take up my offer. I will give them a Dofus, and all the power that goes with these magical objects.
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I have seen several and have had the chance to study them, uncovering some of their secrets. Sometimes it may seem they are unique, but this is not true. My research tells me that Dragons do not lay a single Dofus, but often entire bundles! Just one of these eggs gives birth to a real Dragon. As for the others, I do not know what becomes of them.
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I have studied their form, texture, weight and balance, measuring all that can be measured, but I still cannot tell the difference between a Dofus that gives birth to a Dragon and a Dofus that holds something else. There is much that our rational minds do not know. The magic within these eggs is so great that it transcends even the most fundamental of our natural laws.
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We found many troubling signs during our long archeological excavations on the island. This ancient civilisation left clues which lead us to believe that they had a great deal of contact with the Dofus. We still don't know what the connection was, there is much left to uncover.
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I have many precious gifts to offer the brave adventurers who help me find what I'm looking for. Even I cannot truly explain how I found these Dofus. Some say it was blind luck, other are convinced it was my destiny. But I like to think that my own hard work and research lead me to the most beautiful and dangerous prizes that exist in the World of Twelve.
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  • Talk about the island
I discovered this island several years ago - I have to admit that luck played a part. I was looking for a kind of new Eden, an island untouched by all the perversions that plague the continent...
I arrived by chance - I was shipwrecked here while searching for another island. In fact, luck couldn't have been kinder to me, this island is just perfect.
  • Talk about the putrid Peat Bog
You shouldn't go there. It's an extremely dangerous place.
A terrible creature has been living there for many ages and we believe that it might even have been here before the island emerged from the sea.
It devoured many adventurers and its appetite for flesh seems to be insatiable.
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This giant creature became really fat and its acid and putrid excrements modified part of the island's ecosystem. Plants and all sorts of living things are dying as a result. We're afraid that it could move and contaminate the rest of the island. The oil slick it could create would be a disaster for our society.
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For now, it seems to be feeling good in its peat bog but we still had to build protections around it to prevent accidents. From time to time, my colleagues go and check the size and smell of this creature. It looks quite evil but as it's a unique and outstanding creature, it's become a priceless subject for experiments.
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The mechanism we use to open this door is complex and secret. We do not want to spoil this creature by letting it devour stupid adventurers.
Never forget that this creature is extremely powerful and dangerous, the dragon carcass that we found in the peat bog makes us believe that it's been killed by this creature.
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Opinions diverge about this, but a terrible dragon is said to have tried to attack this creature.
Then the creature got grip of the dragon with its tentacles, dragged and choked it in the peat catching it off its guard.
Dragons incarnate power and that's why a lot of persons won't believe this story. But facts are there, a dragon carcass is really buried in this peat bog.
End dialogue.
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When I arrived, I noticed that the island used to be inhabited.
By who?
I don't know.
But the civilization that used to live on this island had already built buildings, and alchemy labs.
We only restored what was there already. Besides, from time to time we even find some new labs buried in this island.
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I wrote several books on this island and I read many books on this lost civilization. Unfortunately, we can no longer find them in libraries. Some authorities believe that books are dangerous, questioning the power of some gods and trying to explain things that shouldn't be known.
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  • Talk about the Zoth village
This village, located on top of this giant tree, is inhabited by the Zoth people. They are old tourists who came to discover the island and became crazy after drinking water from the putrid peat bog.
When you know what's in it, you can easily understand that something's wrong with them...
However, they do live in peace, they rule themselves. They wanted to set themselves free from the society in which they lived. As long as no one disturbs them, they are well-behaved and calm.
End dialogue.


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Read backwards, his name is Yamoto, one of the first developers at Ankama Games, and the first one to work on the AI of the monsters.

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