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Otomai's Assistant (Amakna)
Area Amakna
Otomai's Assistant (Amakna)
Location Amakna Village
Coords [-2,-4]
Options Talk

Otomai's Assistant (Amakna) is an NPC.



Hi (yourname), I'm Otomai's assistant. He's one of the few enchanters in Amakna.
I help him create charms for weapons, but also potions.
What can I do for you?

During the quest Bamboozling Brakmar
Show the Nocabregor Recipe.

Hem, this recipe must come from the storehouses of Bonta... I really wonder how it wound up in your hands.
Anyway, I need 3 measures of Magical Cure and 1 measure of Oilbow Grease. I also need you to lend me a Flint so I can finish the recipe.

Hand over the ingredients.

Here you are, freshly ground powder!


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