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Pandawa male Pandawa Pandawa female
Pandawas are Sherpa Warriors who know what they can get out of their bodies! And out of that of the others... Indeed, Pandawas don't hesitate to lift their allies off their feet to protect them or their enemies to hurt them!

If you are looking for the hat of the same name, see Pandawa (hat).

The Pandawa or Pandawa's Pitcher class is a Sherpa warrior class.

Pandawas vary a lot from other classes. They have many unique spells and also offer a whole new style of play, which makes them tricky to play, so not a class for beginners. They do have several attack spells, at least two from each element, which means you can get a wide range of Pandawas.

The key aspect to Pandawas is their ability to enter the state 'Drunk'. Pandawas may only cast certain spells when drunk, and certain spells when sober. Early on players can only enter, and not leave this state, however once they obtain the spell Bamboo Milk, they may easily switch between the two states. This means that as well as knowing what spells to use in what situation, Pandawas must also know when to become 'Drunk' and when to remain Sober.

As well as this Drunk aspect, Pandawas also feature several other unique spells, one of these is their elemental weakness spells. These weaknesses lower the target resistance, meaning that when stacked, the target can take considerably more damage. The other kind of spell unique to Pandawas is their ability to Pick up and Throw another character, with the spells Karcham and Chamrak. This allows them to manipulate the battlefield.


Rate 1:1 2:1 3:1 4:1 5:1
Vitality Vit 1~∞ - - - -
Wisdom Wis - - 1~∞ - -
Strength Str 1~100 101~200 201~300 301~∞ -
Intelligence Int 1~100 101~200 201~300 301~∞ -
Chance Cha 1~100 101~200 201~300 301~∞ -
Agility Agi 1~100 101~200 201~300 301~∞ -

Class spellsEdit

The class spells available to members of the Pandawa class are:

Icon Name Level Element Short description
Drunkenness Drunkenness Exchange for Doploons Summons Barrel which can Attract enemies or Heal adjacent players
Hangover Hangover 1 Earth
Moderate Earth damage, close combat spell. Must be Drunk to use.
Boozer Boozer 1 Caster becomes Drunk. Gains access to spells and becomes resistant to all elements, but movement slows.
BlazingFist Blazing Fist 1 Fire
Moderate Fire damage, close combat spell. Must be Drunk to cast.
Terror Terror 3 Pushes back the target and reduces their critical hits.
AlcBlow Alcoholic Breath 6 Air
Medium ranged, moderate Air attack that pushes back the target. Must be Drunk to use.

BambooMilk Bamboo Milk 9 Unbewitches caster and removes Drunk status.
Schnaps Schnaps 13 Air
Inflicts Air-type damage in an area of effect..
Karcham Karcham 17 Carry an ally or enemy.
Vertigo Vertigo 21 Fire
Inflicts Fire-type damage on the carried target if it uses MP. Can only be cast when carrying a target.
Stabilization Stabilization 26 Makes target immune to knockback, stops them being dodge locked, but also from locking oponents. Also increases resistance against MP loss.
Chamrak Chamrak 31 Throws a carried ally or enemy.
Tipple Tipple 36 Water
Inflicts Water-type damage and applies an AP withdrawal penalty. Must be drunk to use.
Stain Stain 42 -1 on spell duration, lowers the damage (-% damage).
Vulnerability Vulnerability 48 Reduces the target's resistance in all elements. The caster must be Drunk
Melancholy Melancholy 54 Water
Causes Water-type damage
Karzam Zatoishwan's Wrath 60 Caster becomes Drunk. Vastly increases damage and critical hits.
ExplosiveFlask Explosive Flask 70 Fire
Inflicts Fire damage in an Area of Effect.
Pandatak Pandatak 80 Earth
Strong ranged, linear Earth attack.
Pandawa-Icon-Spell-Pandiniuras Pandiniuras 90 Gives MP to the caster or an ally. Must be Drunk to use.
Pandawa-Icon-Spell-Spirit Bond Spirit Bond 100 Summons a Pandawasta. Must be Drunk to use.
Summoning of Dopple Summoning of Pandawa Dopple 200 Summons a Pandawa Dopple

Class SetEdit

The Pandawa Class Set is the Alcoholic Set.

Builds Edit

°=Not recommended, +=Longshot build (require high investment), ++=Fun but challenging build, +++=Proven, solid build

Pure elemental builds
Strength-based +++ Powerful build. Deals the highest damage with spells and has access to the most weapons.
Intelligence-based +++ Explosive build. Has great Area of Effect damage.
Chance-based +++ Sober build. Difficult to develop, but Melancholy provides a very powerful ranged attack. Not dependent on being Drunk.
Agility-based ++ Tactical build. Alcoholic Breath has moderate damage and range, but does knockback. Schnaps is diagonal and Alcoholic Breath is linear which gives Pandawas a disadvantage in some situations. Relies upon a mixture of several Drunk spells.
Hybrid elemental builds
Intelligence + Strength ++ Combines Intelligence-based and Strength-based builds at high levels. Pairs Explosive Flask with Pandatak for good Area of Effect damage.
Strength + Chance ++ A variant focused on Strength attacks and Melancholy.
Strength + Agility ++ A variant combining Strength and Agility builds.
Fire + Chance ++ A variant combining Fire and Chance.

See the general Leveling guide.


At (4,-2) is the The Temple of Pandawa, where you can get info about Pandawas, and fight the Pandawa Dopple.


  • Pandawa is an anagram of Padawan, which is a Jedi apprentice in the Star Wars universe. Another possible way to "solve" the Pandawa name is "Panda Warrior".
  • The Pandawas were the five sons of Pandu in the Hindu epic, Mahabarata. They fought and won a war for their kingdom against their cousins, the Kauravas, the sons of Kuru.
  • The fighting style of the Pandawa, Pandawushu, is a form of drunken self defense. It is much like the real fighting style called Zui Quan, meaning "Drunken Boxing", also sometimes called Zuijiuquan (醉酒拳, literally "Drunken Alcohol Fist"). It is a traditional martial arts form, and also a classification of Wushu. That is probably the reason for calling the art form Pandawushu. Unlike Pandawushu, however, Zui Quan relies on looking drunk (with loose, unpredictable movements) instead of actually being drunk (which is considered inadvisable).
  • Pandawas were at one point P2P only, though this restriction has since been removed.

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