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This is an experimental build Chance Pandawa build, that has great potential. It utilizes the maximum effect of the pandas incredible long range support build and the full effect of the bow weapon to attack foes from a distance to deal out massive water damage if the panda cannot reach the enemy.


  1. Scroll Chance to 101(50 will work but 100 is best).
  2. Put all your points into Chance.
  3. Scroll all other stats to 101 (not necessary in the least but will help quite a bit).


  • Lv. 1~11: Raise Bow Skill to 5.
  • Lv. 12~15: Raise Aqueous Vulnerability to 3.
  • Lv. 16~25: Raise Karcham to 5.
  • Lv. 26~35: Raise Chamrak to 5.
  • Lv. 36~41: Raise Aqueous Vulnerability to 5.
  • Lv. 54: MUST HAVE Melancholy TO 5. This is a necessity to all Chance Panda builds.
  • Lv. 61~100: A good idea to start leveling you other vulnerabilities to add to group combat and the support role that you will play as a Pandawa of this type. That should take you to level 81 and by this point in time you need to start saving so that you have enough points for level 6 Bow Skill and level 5 Spirit Bond at level 100.


Leveling GuideEdit

  • Lv. 1~20: Train in Incarnam in the dungeon or off of the Chaffers in the cemetery there.
  • Lv. 21~60's: Train on Boars, Gobballs or Field Monsters in Astrub and if you are a member (you should be) find a kani group or a friend to help you level. Usually some group will be looking for fillers for Blop Fields so make sure that you have money for keys seeing as this is a great dungeon to level in.
  • Lv. 61~80: More kanis, now is also the time to start looking to get a Shika Ingalsse Set