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Pandawas are one of Dofus' most adaptable classes, though also one of the hardest to play well. They are one of the classes which have spells in each element (barring neutral, though there are weapons for that), which gives players a wide range of options when choosing a build and on how they play it.

The Intelligence Pandawa is a low AP fighter. Although not as high hitting as their Strength cousins, they make up for it with the many options available, thanks to using a low amount of AP. The two main attack spells, Blazing Fist and Explosive Flask, both have a low AP cost and deal moderate damage. Explosive Flask is also an AoE spell, which is always a nice thing to have. As well as attackers, they can also double as healers.


The Intel. Pandawas have decent damage coupled with a nice AoE attack, making them a choice build for many players. Also, considering their low AP attacks, it makes them very effective (though they do not deal as much damage as thier Str. counterparts.)


An Str. build has a higher damage potential than these builds do, and have a more versatile weapon selection. Also, the Intel. Pandawa suffers from a lower inventory carrying capacity. However, this can be remedied with the leveling of farming, alchemy, baking, ect.

Characteristic PointsEdit

Pandawa Soft CapsEdit

Rate 1:1 2:1 3:1 4:1 5:1
Vitality Vit 1~∞ - - - -
Wisdom Wis - - 1~∞ - -
Strength Str 1~50 51~200 201~∞ - -
Intelligence Int 1~50 51~200 201~∞ - -
Chance Cha 1~50 51~200 201~∞ - -
Agility Agi 1~50 51~200 201~∞ - -

Pandawa CharacteristicsEdit

  • Intelligence: This is an Int build, so guess what we'll be raising? Int of course. Pandawas have relatively good soft caps, meaning that from level 1 you're gonna pump all your points into Int.
  • Vitality:
  • Chance:
  • Agility:
  • Strength:
  • Wisdom:

Raising CharacteristicsEdit

If you can afford it, scroll Intelligence to 101 first, although they have 3:1 infinitley, they do have a relatively low for first soft cap (2:1 at 50). As such you can save quite a few points by scrolling first; that said it's not a necessity. Once/if you've scrolled just pump all your points into Intelligence. As said above Pandawas have good soft caps (3:1 forever rather than 5:1) and as such you can gain points over other classes.


Class SpellsEdit

Pandawa class spells
Icon Name Level Comments
WhiteHotV White-Hot Vulnerability 1 White-Hot Vulnerability reduces the target's fire resistance. It only costs 2 AP, and can be cast as many times as possible per turn. It can lower an opponent's fire resistance massivley, and as this is an Intelligence build this is the weakness spell to have, so you'll raise it eventually. The only downsides are that it's a sober spell, meaning you'd need to plan your turn well to fit this in with Blazing Fist (Not for Explosive Flask though ^^) and that it's linear meaning you have to line up an oponent (Hey that's what MP is for right?).
Boozer Boozer 1 Boozer makes you drunk, as well as giving you a bit of shielding and -1 MP for it's duration. It's a key spell for probably all Pandawas and is a must have for this build. It's needed for a lot of your decent spells, so it needs to be raised.
BlazingFist Blazing Fist 1 Blazing Fist is your first attack spell, it only costs 3 AP and does moderate damage. The only downsides are that it's a close combat spell, however those of you with an eye for detail will notice that it's got adjustable range and that it's not linear, for those who aren't quite following, it means you'll be looking for lots of +Range gear.
Terror Terror 3 Terror pushes back an oponent, and takes away Critical Hits. However it's a once per turn per player thing, and deals no damage so is not very useful. That said it could cut a player from 1/2 Critical Hits, which might just save you at times. Not really wise to raise it though. It may seem appealing for the pushback, but why push something back when you can just pick it up and throw it away?
AlcBlow Alcoholic Breath 5 Alcoholic Breath is a medium ranged air based spell. This isn't an agility build, so no need to raise this; although knockback is occasionally helpful, you may as well just throw an opponent away.
AqueousV Aqueous Vulnerability 9 Aqueous Vulnerability reduces the targest Water resistance. Useful in a team, probably pointless if you're solo. It's good if you want to support your chance friends, useless if you solo, or only fight with non-chance people.
Hangover Hangover 13 Hangover does earth damage and you must be drunk to use it. It's like the Strength version of Blazing Fist and would be worth raising, were you strength.
Karcham Karcham 17 Carries the target. A lifesaver of a spell.
WindV Wind Vulnerability 21 Reduces enemie's resistance to air, see above about Aqueous Vulnerability.
Stabilization Stabilization 26 Makes target immune to knockback for a time and prevents them from locking opponents or being locked themselves. Also gives a bonus to mp loss dodge chance.
Chamrak Chamrak 31 Throws a carried character.
EarthV Earth Vulnerability 36 Reduces enemy's earth resistance, see above about Aqueous Vulnerability.
Stain Stain 42 Causes an effect at random to make the enemy lose his concentration. (One of: Decrease damage, increase critical failures, unbewitch or AP loss).
BambooMilk Bamboo Milk 48 Dispells magic effects on caster and removes drunk status.
Melancholy Melancholy 54 Inflicts water damage to the enemy. First damage spell which does not require the user to be drunk
Karzam Zatoishwan's Wrath 60 Changes self to drunk status while boosting damage and critical hits.
ExplosiveFlask Explosive Flask 70 Explosive Flask inflicts fire damage in AoE. Your second and last fire spell. It's got a low AP cost, good damage and hits in an AoE. Plus you don't need to be drunk to use meaning you can pair this up with your weakness spells. Unfortunatley it's only castable once per turn, and has low range, but those are small issues. A must for this build.
Pandatak Pandatak 80 Strong ranged, linear Earth attack.
Pandawa-Icon-Spell-Pandiniuras Pandiniuras 90 Boosts the targets MP, mst be drunk to use. As a rule buffs are generally a no go for Intelligence Pandawas. The key aspect of this build is that you can quickly and easily switch between Drunk and Sober, this would mean losing any buffs you have. However this spell is an exception, why you ask? Becaise it's not just for you, but for you allies as well. I'm sure a friend of yours would love an extra 2~3 MP, you might even use it on your Pandawasta to help it get stuck into the fight quicker, or you may even use it on yourself just to get a bit nearer to your opponent.
Pandawa-Icon-Spell-Spirit Bond Spirit Bond 100 Spirit Bond summons a Pandawasta, and you must be drunk to cast it. It's a good summoning spell, something which would make an Osamodas jealous. Although it's not an attacking summon it is incredibly helpful in numerous situations. A must have for any Pandawa build. For starters it has a ton of HP and a ton of agility. It also gives +critical fails to an enemy, which may not be too useful but you never know, lowers an oponents %Damage and stops them using weapons and can (with +2 AP) buff its HP, agility and MP even further.
Summoning of Dopple Summoning of Pandawa Dopple 200 Summons a Pandawa Dopple. If you ever get this high then you'll know to raise it, even if it's not exactly your thing, then you'd raise it just for the look of it.

Non Class SpellsEdit

Spell GuideEdit

  • Lv. 1~11: Raise Blazing Fist to 5. You'll need something to kill monsters with, and this is the best option.
  • Lv. 12~21: Raise Boozer to 5. Until Zatoishwan's Wrath it is the only way you can get drunk, which is an important aspect of a Pandawa.
  • Lv. 22~31: Raise Karcham to 5. Some would say only raise it to 4 or even as low as three, but this is meant to be a low AP build, and as of such you'll want to use as little AP per spell as possible.
  • Lv.32~41: Raise Chamrak to 5, no real question about it.
  • Lv.42~51: Wait and raise Bamboo Milk to 5, this is a key spell for any Pandawa. It's now that you can easily switch between sober and drunk, adding a further depth to your play.
  • Lv.52~61: Raise Stabilization to 5. It's great both in PvP and when in teams.
  • Lv.62~71: Wait and raise Explosive Flask to 5. Your final fire damage spell, and a very good one too.
  • Lv.72~81: Raise Cawwot spell to 5. It's a nice healing spell/LoS blocker, and a good a thing as any to raise.
  • Lv.82~91: Wait and raise Pandiniuras to 5. Just to have that little kick when you're drunk.
  • Lv.92~101: Wait and raise Spirit Bond to 5. You'd have raised this even if it wasn't on the guide.
  • Lv. 100+: Raise your level 5 spells to 6 when you reach the right level. You may decide to unlearn certain spells or go in a completely new direction.



  • Lv. 199: Swap your second Ring for a Kringlove.

Pets and MountsEdit

The Mount's listed here are intended for use by either those Pandawas who don't care about Karcham/Chamrak or on 2.0 Servers.


Notes On levelingEdit

The key part to being powerful is to level, to progress with your character. Without leveling then you won't ever be able to equip those fancy pieces of equipment you just bought, or raise that flash spell to lv. 6.

When training it's a good idea to work out your base experience, your XP per minute. What does this mean? Well.... say for example you kill a mob of Kanigers. It takes you 10 minutes and you get 100,000 XP. Then you go and face a Fungi Master, which takes you 1 minute but 12,000 XP. Now at first glance the Kaniger fight would look like better XP however do the math and you'll find that the Kaniger battle works out at 10,000 XP per minute whereas the Fungi Master was 12,000 XP per minute, meaning that you'd actually gain more from Fungi Masters.

That said, just because mathematically better doesn't mean that it's the right thing to do. Dofus only does it roughly in minutes, if for example the Fungi Master fight had lasted for 1 minute and 59 seconds, whereas the Kaniger lasted 10 minutes and 1 second. Then the Kaniger would be better.

However when it comes to training, there's always going to be variations. You may fight Kanigers, the XP is good but you lose a ton of life each time, meaning you spend a lot of money on healing things, meaning you have little money for other stuff. Or you might go face Treechnids, again the XP is good, but the fights might bore you to death. Even if those two fights were to give good XP, it might not be worth it kama wise, or even for your own happiness.

Ultimately where you train is your choice. Whether you decide to do it based on XP (Which is most common), or just because you like the monster, is all up to you. The only thing you shouldn't do, is to be one of those lazy people who spend all their time on Recruitment channel going Paying someone ____ kamas to level me from ___ to ___. Just go out there and train yourself. It's alright if a friend leaches you somewhere, but it's not okay if you're so lazy as to just pay people to level you.

If you play for 2~3 hours a day, you train hard and you try your best at it, you're going to enjoy it more than someone who's just payed someone 1mk to train them to level 100, and now has nothing to do.

Leveling GuideEdit

As well as all of this there are a few things which can be done at any level really, Class Dopples and Head hunter (The PvP bounty quest).

  • Class Dopples can be good if you're just solo and also offer a variety of rewards (Most prominantly Characteristic Scrolls).
  • The Head hunter quest is good if you think you're up to a bit of a challenge, again it has many rewards as well as XP, from souls of bosses to scrolls. It can be a real pain however, so you need to be up to scratch if you want to do it a lot.


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