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Path and Trail: The Evil Forest is a document. Formerly known as Path and Trail: Damned Forest.


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Countryside Highways and Byways

Book 1: The Evil Forest

Wally Elconom

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Preface: p. 3 Dark Vlad's Pilgrimage: p. 4

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This book will teach you all about the narrow, winding paths of the Evil Forest, also known as Dark Vlad's maze.

Oh, adventurers, what happy days await you, what wonderful scenic walks along the routes listed in this book! Don't miss out on the forest's famous tourist spots, such as Dark Vlad's clearing...

This book is a backpacker's bite for adventurers from all walks of life. Enjoy your walk!

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Time: 2 hours
Difficulty: average
Must-sees: fauna and flora of the forest, Dark Vlad's clearing, Dark Vlad


Always make sure that the last path you took is behind you.

At the entrance to the Forest: you should find three paths are in front of you. Two of the three join together to form a single path. Take this one if you want to live...

You'll count three stages and then come to a two-way junction. One way goes northeast, and the second goes southwest. Choose the latter.

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Count one stage of walking through a clearing haunted by evil creatures.

Take the path that goes west before turning south.

Count one stage.

Go due north.

After the second stage, you will walk along a very bright clearing. Keep on going and then take a left.

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Count about four stages before you find a ^- shaped path: take the second branch without thinking.

Count one stage and go south.

Count three stages.

Continue westwards.

Count two stages.

Take the first path going north.

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Count one stage.

You are now in a clearing where a ray of lights falls on an isolated tree. Turn west, twice.

Another clearing: turn right then keep on going northwards until you find the one they call Dark Vlad.

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