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Phoenix is a pet.


  • Was given to former subscribers as part of an Ankama promotion.
  • Was available for 270 gift points September 23 - 26, 2011.


Used in the craft of


+1 Wisdom and Prospecting is gained for every
Monster Number of kills
Earth Bwak 100
Fire Bwak 100
Water Bwak 100
Wind Bwak 100
Earth Kwak 80
Fire Kwak 80
Ice Kwak 80
Wind Kwak 80
Earth Kwakere 60
Fire Kwakere 60
Ice Kwakere 60
Wind Kwakere 60
Wind Kwakere Protector 60
Earth Kwakere Protector 60
Ice Kwakere Protector 60
Fire Kwakere Protector 60
Kwakwa 5

Favourite AreasEdit

Area Bonus
Crackler Dungeon
Crackler Mountain

Improved AbilitiesEdit

Feed Phoenix a Phoenix Improvement Potion to improve its maximum statistics to 33 Wisdom and Prospecting.

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