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Pinta Gone
Area Amakna
Pinta Gone
Location Amakna Village
Coords (2,-1)
Details Inn
Options Talk

Pinta Gone is an NPC.



Hey! You, ahaha no! Not the pink Minotoror! Yes you! Ahahaha!

Who? Me?

Ahah! Yes, you seem to be heading South. If you come back round Astrub, will you tell me about your journey?

Only the gods know where I go. Goodbye. (Ends discussion)
Why not, for a little remuneration.

I would like you to tell me if the Bworkds still live in their village and if the legend is true.

What legend are you talking about?

I'm talking about the one which says that the Bworks have a library with giant stills that pump out Bwork beer. They must have hidden the recipe somewhere.

You intrigue me. I'll go there straight away. (New quest)
The beer warmed up your spirit, go and ask that to the pink Minotoror instead. (Ends discussion)
Once you have received the quest, but before you complete it

I need this recipe to open my brewery. Look harder.

Once you have completed it



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