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Pol Dullbow
Area Amakna
Pol Dullbow
Location Low Crackler Mountain
Coords [-1,9]
Details Inside Sadida Temple
Options Talk

Pol Dullbow is an NPC.

Formerly known as Epuop Tik.



Welcome to the Temple of the Leafy God. Please don't make too much noise - it's naptime, you know? Disrupting the silence here would be uncalled-for.

Ask if he needs anything.

Oof, I need to make me some of those leather braces to keep my loincloth up! Bring me some Gobball Leather and in return I will give you my Staff Slasher. You can use it to carve staves if you learn the corresponding skill.


Features in


Class Merchant for


Pol Dullbow used to give 1 Staff Slasher in exchange for 1 Gobball Leather.

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