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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Polka Merer at [-54,5]
Other prerequisitesNone
Recommended level40
Total rewardsLevel-based XP, 2,380 Kamas, 1 Kilibriss Staff, 1 Kido Beak
Items required
(not provided by quest)
2 Particle Board, 1 Ash Manger, 1 Ash Drinking Trough, 1 Ash Slapper, 1 Ash Lightning Thrower

Polka Merer Needs You is a quest.


Talk to Polka Merer at [-54,5]


Hello! I'm Polka Merer, one of Otomai's most famous assistants.
I'm making sure that these paddocks are running smoothly. We sometimes use them to observe the behavior of the creatures of the island when they're in captivity. Unfortunately, I don't have a single breeding machine left available and I can no longer carry on my researches.

Continue the discussion.

I never built breeding machines myself. I usually use those made by handymen to breed Dragoturkeys and I just slightly modify them. It's not the best solution but it works pretty well. I would like you to bring me a slapper, a drinking trough, a lightning thrower, a manger and an ash plank. I will then dismantle, modify and adapt them to my own creatures.

Accept the quest.

Step 1: Breeding MachinesEdit

Polka Merer needs breeding machines for her creatures.

Did you bring me everything I need to properly breed my creatures?

Give the breeding machines.

Thanks a lot. I now have everything I need.


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