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Primary Instincts is a quest available on Incarnam.

Obtaining Edit


A valiant warrior, here's what I need. I must rid the region of the terrible creatures that live there. I would have done it myself but I've got a lot to do right now. You know, stuff, here and there, loads...

Yes, sure, lots of things, sure.

Yes. I like courageous and powerful warriors. I am myself quite courageous, I'm not scared of these horrible slimy, creeping, crawling, glistening and dirty creatures prowling around here. I'll personally reward your enthusiasm. Bring it on!

I'm going to fight!
I'll keep my ardour for myself.
Once you're done dealing with your stuff, you'll be able to handle this on your own

Step One: Show your skills Edit

You're improving your skills but it will take more to convince everybody.
You can do these tasks in any order. Quest is over as soon as you defeat each of the 4 monsters.