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Obtaining Edit

Talk to Assistant Shaman at (26,-39). You must be a Pandawa to take this quest.

Step 1 : Good health to the Goddess! Edit

Freshly arrived at Pandala, the Shaman assistant requests you to be a credit to your Goddess: a spiritual offertory would be really kind of you... Your initiation can start.
  • Talk to Flowarawa the Merchant
Talk to Flowarawa the Merchant at (24,-38) and ask for a flask of Pandapils to complete this step.

Step 2 : Shaman connection Edit

The Shaman is a Pandawa who knows a lot about the schemes of some people... It seems it's no bed of roses in Pandala!
  • Talk to Shaman Assistant
Talk to Shaman Surivitna
Talk to Assistant Shaman. You can go to Gasdaure and complete her quest In Search of the Missing Enus (you have to be level 8 to take it). But really all you need to do is just level up to 10 before talking to Shaman Surivitna at (24,-35) to complete this step and the quest.

Completion Edit

Step 2 completes this quest, however completing this quest gives you the Mysteries in Pandala quest.


  • Level-based XP

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