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Railway System

The Railway System (also called the Miner Transport) is a underground railway that travels to varies mines around Dofus (hence the given nickname). You do not have to be a miner to use the railway system but you must be P2P. Unlike all other transports, the destination is chosen completely at random, and it is possible to arrive at the mine you left from.

The Railway System is run by the NPC Feldz Paffe.

Using The Railway SystemEdit

It costs 50 Kamas each time you ride to a new random location (which can be the same place you got on). After you have paid the fee, you will be taken to a map with Dark Miners. You must defeat a mob of 2 Dark Miners before you can talk to Feldz Paffe to continue your journey.

It is not possible to use Recall Potions, Bontarian Intercity-Express Potions or Brakmarian Intercity-Express Potions to escape from the underground map.

Railway DestinationsEdit

Known railway destinations are shown in the table below:

Name Mine Entrance Coords
Amakna Village 0,-3
The Amakna Forest 5,19
Astrub 9,-23
Sidimote Moors -23,24
Brakmar Sewers -22,32
Brakmar City Walls -25,45
Low Crackler Mountain -2,4
Crackler Mountain -2,-5
The Temple of Sadida -3,9

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