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The Real Estate Agency is a special sellroom for Houses and Paddocks.

They're found on the top floor of the Profession Information Centers in Bonta and Brakmar.

When you've made your choice, you will be given a list of all houses (or paddocks) currently for sale, sorted by lowest price to highest price.

Now, this list alone is very practical for any house-buyer! But it's not quite perfect. There are more than 1400 houses for sale on a brand-new server, and that's a lot of real estate to inspect! This is where filters come in handy. They allow you to narrow down the list of properties according to several different criteria:

  • Maximum Price
  • Area to Search

Houses have some additional options:

  • Minimum number of rooms
  • Minimum number of chests
  • Profession actions possible (for example: sew a hat or carve a bow)

Paddocks have special filters too:

  • Minimum number of mounts
  • Minimun number of breeding objects

So, if you're looking for a home in Bonta where you can bake some bread for less than 5,569,843 kamas, it's very simple to find!

But that's not all that this interface is capable of! Once you've found a promising house, you'd probably like to know a little more about it, right? The location button to the right of the price is there for this very purpose, and will allow you to display all of the house's information.

Most of these texts speak for themselves, but you can see a sentence pointing out that the home is available to be visited. This means that the front door does not have a code, so you can go inside to make sure the color of the walls doesn't clash with your favorite cape!

You can also see a line indicating the number of professional skills you can practice (if you're looking at a house, obviously you can't mage a sword in a paddock!). If this text is present, just hover your mouse cursor over it to see the complete list.

So thanks to this new Real Estate Agent interface, buying and selling houses and paddocks will be much easier, but not completely automated. You cannot buy a house from this interface, all properties can only be purchased by clicking on their door (or gate, if you're buying a paddock).

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